March 1, 2000
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May 22, 1997
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Once upon a time, Sanford Wallace was the undisputed Spam King.

He had transitioned into the junk email business after unsolicited junk fax submissions, a business he had pioneered years before, were outlawed by the U.S. congress.

By 1997 Wallace's junk email business, through his companies Promo Enterprises and Cyber Promotions, had enraged Internet users around the world.

As a measure of defiance, Wallace adopted the most-used name "spamford" as a domain identity for his ISP service. Wallace likened himself to Madonna and Howard Stern in terms of being a rebellious type, taking steps to evade the various e-mail filtering mechanisms designed to block his mailings

So, what happened? Now "Spamford" says he's gone legit! A new company, SmartBotPRO.NET, is pioneering a new product, "permission-based email." Wallace says his website is now the #28 top web property according to MediaMetrix.

As a "reformed" spammer, Wallace says he's found "a tremendous amount of success marketing the 'correct' way."

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