by Sean McQuaid

Real name: Bonita Juarez, social worker
Former aliases: Espirita
First appearance: Incredible Hulk 265
Favorite quote: "Again I know the freedom--the ecstasy--of flight! Never have I experienced such total joy! It seems almost...sinful!" (Incredible Hulk 265)
Team affiliation: Member of the Avengers and former founding member of the Rangers.
Powers: A fiery meteorite fell near Bonita and gave her the ability to control heat, even on the molecular level. Her powers, which often manifest themselves in a sort of bird-shaped glow, include flame projection and manipulation; generation of convection currents to levitate and propel herself and other objects; heat projection and absorption; and various other applications of controlled heat. Since becoming a superhuman, she has also demonstrated a mysterious knack for surviving fatal situations, ranging from traversing an airless void to ingestion of super-powerful poison to exposure to lethal radiation. As a result, Firebird has begun to suspect she may be immortal, and worries that she will be forever denied the heavenly rewards of the afterlife.
Favorite storyline: Toss-up between the WCA storyline in which Bonita talked Hank Pym back from the brink of suicide (though their brief subsequent romance seemed awkwardly tacked-on) and the recent Avengers storyline in which Firebird counselled a despairing Thor during a global war. Also worthy of note is an Avengers Spotlight tale in which Bonita dealt with the revelation that the meteoric source of her powers was waste material from an alien child's failed experiment. The devoutly Catholic Firebird had previously believed this to be a sign sent directly from God Himself.
Least favorite storyline: A trivial AWC Annual back-up tale in which Firebird and Wasp all but catfight over their mutual ex-boyfriend, Hank Pym.
Update: Since Geoff Johns took over as Avengers writer, Firebird has been relegated to the inactive ranks of the team again, and isn't appearing anywhere right now.


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