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To which country should I immigrate? (
168 points posted 13 days ago by nocotigo

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nocotigo 41 points 13 days ago

Every day something new and terrifying happens in the United States. To make a long story short, I no longer wish to live in this country. Although I do not have the means to leave yet, I plan to when I am able. Where should I go?

notany 36 points 13 days ago

Pick any of these:

Canada, New Zeland, Ireland, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Island, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Monaco.

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worldwalker 10 points 13 days ago*

Denmark is a no go..

As in many other parts of Europe, the FAR right is in goverment which results in the most horrible laws and public opinion.

I just fled the country myself. Non pale people are attacked and beaten on the street, organizations is being burned and bombed.

Its a HIGHLY racist country.

Dont go there.

Canada maybe.


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simonsays 14 points 13 days ago*

I doubt you ever set your foot in Denmark. We don’t have beatings, bombings or burnings. We do have parties to the far right, and parties to the far left... most Danes are somewhere in between.

We do after years of having pretty much open borders, now have some somewhat strict immigration laws but Denmark are in need of high educated people, so if your coming to work and not to live off our social welfare, then its not so difficult.

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psykotic 11 points 13 days ago*

We do after years of having pretty much open borders, now have some somewhat strict immigration laws but Denmark are in need of high educated people, so if your coming to work and not to live off our social welfare, then its not so difficult.

Somewhat strict? You'll have a hard time finding stricter and less flexible immigration laws anywhere in the world. The laws concerning residency permits for spouses are also completely absurd. The tilhoersforhold requirement means that anyone who hasn't most recently been living in Denmark continuously for a period of 3 or more years is unable to bring their foreign spouse to their home country, even if they are able to support them financially. Hello, McFly--if you have a foreign spouse you probably haven't been living in Denmark most recently! (There are some exceptions to the tilhoersforhold but they are fairly arbitrary and stupid.)

And it isn't just the legislation. There's a kind of small-town mentality in Denmark where people look down on any foreigners who don't bother to learn deeply about their language and culture, even if you are a professional who is contributing to the welfare system by paying taxes. This was somewhat visible to me while I was still living in Denmark but is clear as daylight now that I have been outside of the country for several years. Danes outwardly pride themselves on their tolerance and understanding of other cultures but for most people it is just a thin facade. It's a sad state of affairs and it's holding Denmark back.

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redrobot5050 8 points 13 days ago

My canadian friends would say, "There's something rotten in the state of Denmark, eh?"

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radical -2 points 12 days ago

They have made the immigration system very stringent for good reason. You cite the difficulty in getting a spouse into the country - well, the Danes are fed up with the results of their formerly lenient policy.

Only ten years ago women could walk around anywhere in Copenhagen at any hour - that is no longer true because of all the rapes being committed by African, Arab and Iranian immigrants. I have talked to a number of Danish women and they all agree with this.

The attiude is predominant amoing the people of every other country in Europe - the difference is that in many of those countries (see Sweden, etc) the will of the people is not reflected in the law in these matters. The Danes should be congratulated for beginning to stand up for themselves. It's a bit unusual in modern Europe.

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worldwalker 1 point 11 days ago

And so the radical racists joined in.

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radical 0 points 11 days ago

Do the people of any country not have the right to decide who to allow into their country?

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worldwalker 0 points 10 days ago

the discussion about the fanatic superstition that makes out "rights" and "ownership", is to long to be taken in the comment section i think.

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worldwalker 11 points 13 days ago

i have lived there most of my life. That is how i know.

Both the beatings, bombings and burnings is in every single newspaper to. See the post below.

And every country has parties on the far left and the far right. The problem is that the far right is in goverment.

I myself has been beaten and threatened for creating social network events between danish people and newcomers in the area i used to live. That is why i left.

If you are not working against the fear mongering racist outlets, im sure you have never experienced the way they work.

I really like the nature and the free alternatives that used to exist there. But it really has taken a turn.

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kikaerter 0 points 12 days ago

Hvor boede du?

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worldwalker 1 point 11 days ago*


tror du at det er en ondsindet udlænding der er i gang med en smædekampagne?

Og PET's årsrapport er helt på min side.

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isalpha 4 points 12 days ago

Venstre is far right? In the US it would be considered on a par with or to the left of the Democrats. If you were talking about Dansk Folkeparti, you must know that they're not in a coalition with Venstre...

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jairzinho 1 point 12 days ago

Yeah, and what's up with those cartoons? :)

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bosse -28 points 13 days ago [comment score below threshold] show comment
worldwalker 16 points 13 days ago

It has happened during the last year.

I know that my comment has been voted down because many people dont like the facts.

The fact that the far right is in goverment needs no proof because they are. the effects that have had is really scary. Members of the fra right party has called all muslims and non-danes for a cancerous plague. They have used their influence to send thousands of people back to torture and death.

No more than three weeks ago, the somalian network in Aarhus Denmark, was bombed by racists.

Two months ago a pizzaria was burned down after hateful nazi letters was sent to everyone that was not white in the area.

a few months ago, an afghani man was beaten down in front of his family, coming out of a supermarket.

Every anti-racism network has been attacked numerous times during the last few years. You can close your eyes but it dont go away because you do.

Im really not making this up. But i know it can feel bad for many people that things are like that in the country where they live. But it is the truth. Sadly

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simonsays 2 points 13 days ago

I'm sorry but my new years eve is a bigger bombing than that.. would more call it firecracker vandalism.... possible racial related. And yes, every weekend people get beaten up for no reason by drunk or angry young people... danish, foreigners, girls, boys... happens all over the world...but id feel more safe being a foreigner walking down "strøget" a saturday night than a dane.

and ye, we also had a pizzaria burning in my city, later it was found out that it was the other pizzaris who did it.. also owned by foreigners.

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worldwalker 4 points 13 days ago

dismiss it all you like.

It is happening.

The fact that you see this sort of thing as "normal" or no big deal is exactly my point.

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simonsays 3 points 13 days ago

it is happening and the same things is happening in every country in the world, so in a way it is normal.

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worldwalker 1 point 12 days ago*

What makes you think that it is happening in every country in the world?

Are you stating that there is no racist tendencies at all in Denmark, or just dismissing attacks, threats, bombings and burnings because you claim that it is normal?

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simonsays 1 point 12 days ago*

No im stating that there is racist tendencies in every country, in every area, whereever you go... and its not like its any less in canada.

what makes me think that.. well i can google just as good as you.

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docmgmt 1 point 11 days ago

Arise Ye Danes! All this back-and-forth is interesting, and reminds me of this War Nerd article...

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md5 10 points 13 days ago

I suspect that if he had enough money for Monaco to be a realistic option, he wouldn't be asking around on reddit in the first place.

Also, keep in mind that if the Gulf Stream does actually go away because of global warming, a number of those countries - especially Norway - will be really cold places in the future.

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comment deleted
VulturE 10 points 13 days ago

Iceland is definently one helluva great place to go to. They have hot springs and grow bananas :D On a more serious note, they have 10mb/3mb internet connections for 15$US/month. I'm considering going to Iceland just for the Reykjavík University. Has many professors that taught at ivy-league schools at one point, and is definently a very international school. You can also take all of your classes in english. Also, with the hot springs, 99% of their energy is generated via geothermal and damming technologies. No more reliance on oil :D The only downside that I see is that the value of their currency depends mainly on their fishing industry. Right at this very moment, the value of an ISK is 68.345 = 1 USD. However, during the first half of 2006, the Icelandic króna has ranged from just about fifty (50) per US$ to just about eighty (80) per US$. I see no problem with this, as nearly all of their businesses like to take electronic payment instead. I think that you'd have fun over in Iceland. :)

notany 8 points 13 days ago*

Yeah. Iceland is great.

There is problem with internet.. The only cable outside goes to Scotland and it snaps relatively often. Scotch farmers and construction workers dig it out all the time. Edit: this may be old information.

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dextrase 2 points 12 days ago*

Hardly, as I personally know of two Americans in the town where I used to live in the north of Iceland.

reflibman 11 points 13 days ago

Except that scientists have now pretty much concluded that the gulf stream warming northern countries is pretty much a myth.

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brendankohler 9 points 13 days ago

That doesn't actually matter. Historically when the gulf stream has reduced flow it meant a mini ice age for europe. Doesn't matter whether it's the cause or just a symptom of something else, it's a good indicator.

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richardkulisz -1 points 13 days ago

No it's not. When the gulf stream goes away, the temperature drops 3 degrees. Global warming will raise it by that much. It cancels out.

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nostrademons 13 points 13 days ago

Global warming does not raise temperatures evenly. The expected 3 degree is an average over the whole world's surface. Some areas will see much more than that; some areas may actually cool.

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brendankohler 6 points 13 days ago*

I'm pretty sure he was joking. You'd have to be drinking some serious Kool-Aid to think that global warming works like an oven slowly heating everything up.

Especially since, if you believe global warming is happening, then you know it's causing cold spells and generally worse weather patterns in localized regions.

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randallsquared 5 points 12 days ago

You'd have to be drinking some serious Kool-Aid to think that global warming works like an oven slowly heating everything up.

Perhaps you're out of touch with what most people believe. :) This is a very common expectation.

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brendankohler 1 point 12 days ago

Most people don't read reddit ;). I have different expectations for reddit than elsewhere.

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bonkydog -2 points 13 days ago*

...or the greenhouse effect starts positive feedback and 50 years from now we're living on Venus.

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richardkulisz -1 points 13 days ago*

This is slightly beyond entirely ludicrous. And it got voted up.

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bonkydog 1 point 12 days ago*

It's no more ludicrous than the "when the gulf stream is destabilized it will magically cool things off by the exact amount that global warming is heating things up" pangloss idiocy to which it was a reply.

If the major ocean currents are destabilized, how much do you imagine it will cost to completely reorganize our agricultural systems worldwide?

How long will it take?

How many people will starve or be killed in riots and warfare while this happens?

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richardkulisz 0 points 12 days ago

I like how you turn "I don't know" into "O the horror, the inhumanity!" with a little judicious weeping and wailing.

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bonkydog -1 points 12 days ago

I'm sorry, but this "We don't know whether global warming is happening, or, even if it is happening, whether it is caused by human activity" oil-industry funded astroturf bullshit isn't going to cut it anymore.

Ask someone from New Orleans what they think about global warming.

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richardkulisz -4 points 12 days ago

HAHAHA. Are you going to accuse me of being a communist sympathizer next? Well then at least you'd be within a mile of the mark.

New Orleans had nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with subsidence caused by sucking all the oil from underneath it. And of course with a levee system that hadn't been kept up to date. Said levee system forcing a river in an unnatural course against its will.

When are you going to have any kind of argument instead of spouting random bullshit? Are you even capable of intellectual reasoning?

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bonkydog -1 points 12 days ago

Hey, you know, I just looked at Wikipedia and you're right!

New Orleans just sank spontaneously. The subsidence continued until the levees were under water level. It all just happened on a perfectly normal sunny day.

At no point did a Category 5 Hurricane, one in the most severe hurricane season in recorded history, slam directly into the city.

Thanks for clearing things up.

Won't all those silly global-warming alarmists be red-faced when I drive by in my brand new Chevy Avalanche!

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borg 2 points 12 days ago

He means that natural gas excavation from the marsh around, but mainly south, of New Orleans caused the already low lying wetland to sink further. Historically, that marsh has been a natural break from storm surges. I read a National Geographic article in 2004 that talked about the problem in detail and predicted disasterous consequences if and when a major hurricane strikes.

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bonkydog 0 points 12 days ago

Fascinating. Maybe you can give us some insight into what Mr. Kulisz meant when he said this:

There are whole nations I'd have absolutely no problem seeing exterminated. Bullets, gas, even mustard gas for all I care. There are thousands of cultures that are evolutionary dead-ends.

Funny how global warming deniers and advocates of genocide so often turn out to be the same people, isn't it?

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

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borg 1 point 12 days ago

Neither of us are global warming deniers. I supported his statement that the devastating impact Katrina had on NO was due more to human activity (natural gas and oil drilling) and failure to adequately respond to the many calls to bolster the levee support around the city than it was to global warming.

It could very well be that high water temperatures in the gulf were due to global warming and those temperatures defintely created the perfect environment for Katrina grow into a cat 5 storm. But the tragedy around NO before, during and after the storm had little to do with global warming and everything to do with the way humans fucked up the ecosystem and then left the poor people there to fend for themselves.

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bonkydog 0 points 12 days ago

Oh yeah definitely. Incompetence and criminal neglect for sure. I agree with you there.

But you're ignoring the part where Mr Kill-the-Untermench says it's no biggie if the Gulf Stream shuts down because it'll just magically balance out global warming. And the part where he says that the destruction of New Orleans had "nothing to do with global warming." I won't let that shit slide by in a public forum with out giving it the ridicule it richly deserves.

I suspect you and I are on the same page, but you should let Colonel Mustard Gas speak for himself.

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borg 1 point 13 days ago

Also, keep in mind that if the Gulf Stream does actually go away because of global warming, a number of those countries - especially Norway - will be really cold places in the future.

That's the widely held view but it might not be correct. This explains away the phenomenon.

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abisurd 2 points 13 days ago

Why not UK? I am planning to move to the UK...

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register_in_seconds 30 points 13 days ago

Police execute darkies in the subway with no accountability. Cameras everywhere that conveniently stop working when the police do something wrong. No privacy rights. No freedom of speech. You can be thrown in jail for inappropriate speech. The government lets the CIA extradite people to be tortured.

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electromagnetic 8 points 12 days ago

Don't forget you're not allowed to own your own DNA, if the police so much as take you in then they own it and legally give it to genetic researchers, despite it both violating the researchers code of ethics to do it and violating about a half dozen human rights conventions, including both Europe’s and the UK's.

People no longer have the right to protest without it passing through the police who just tell you no (great freedom to protest!). If you protest without police authorisation you get questioned as being a suspected terrorist, because apparently every terrorist bomber puts on a big sign, waves around a placard and shouts "Look at me!".

You can't forget the Poll Tax, sorry Council Tax... same thing. The fact the government actively encourages making people pay tax for a house they own (yes you pay tax for things you've already paid for) and happily send old women to jail because they can't afford to pay without starving/freezing to death.

That, and more, is why I plan on moving out of the UK. Not to mention the grass is greener on the other side, for anyone in the UK, I live in Hull; I don't think any further explanation is necessary because our grass is dead.

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cecilkorik 14 points 13 days ago

Trading the most draconian western nation for the second most draconian western nation hardly seems to be a good solution.

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pivo 10 points 13 days ago

Česká Republika!

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brennen 9 points 13 days ago

No better beer on earth, and if that doesn't go a long ways, I'm not sure what does.

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lkozma 9 points 12 days ago

girls maybe?

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brennen 4 points 12 days ago

You may have a point. Fortunately, the Czechs have that base covered as well.

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grzelakc 4 points 12 days ago

How hard is it for Canadians to live and work in Czech Republic? Visa requirements, work permit etc?

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cloudsurfer 4 points 13 days ago


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letoti 9 points 13 days ago

Danish for Iceland

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dextrase 4 points 12 days ago

Icelandic for Iceland: Ísland

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reflibman 14 points 13 days ago

Yes, but they hunt whales.

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OriginalSyn 77 points 13 days ago

Good, whales killed my father.

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indigoshift 6 points 12 days ago

And, let me guesss: You need money for Kung-Fu lessons?

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DreamCodeR 3 points 13 days ago


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mrBlonde -1 points 12 days ago

They hunt them for food, not sport. It's as morally condemnable as slaughtering pigs.

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tobyhutton 3 points 12 days ago

I'd argue it's impossible to humanely slaughter a whale though.

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shakezilla -10 points 13 days ago [comment score below threshold] show comment
willis3000 1 point 11 days ago

What about Australia?

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mongonikol 22 points 12 days ago

Any of the above if you make at least $1500 US a month, and can verify it. Another way is to ask for asylum, though that method was a initially failure for me.

I left the US when the US declared war on Iraq in '03. I renounced my citizenship at the US consulate in Vancouver, BC, and then went to the Canadian Immigration Council across town to request asylum based on the US no longer being a safe place for people who are for peace but not "fighting" (heh) for it.

I was granted permission to remain in Canada for two and a half years, with many many interviews (first and foremost to determine my mental wellness and physical well-being (socialized medical, remember?)). Then I was informed that no person of US citizenship who has officially (key word) requested asylum in Canada has ever officially been granted asylum. Furthermore I learned this. I learned that Canada has an agreement with the US State Department that anyone from the US who officially requests asylum in Canada and is turned down (ie everyone) must be turned over to the US State Department. In other words, I left Canada a free person, but was handcuffed upon arrival at the former Border Patrol/now-Homeland Security. (Highlight: One hundred or so USA-ens seeing me in handcuffs with a look on their faces of pure fear. With the application of a pair of handcuffs, I was transformed for stage actor to...terroriste du jour!)

From their I was processed and put on a Greyhound to be returned to my point of departure, my home island of Key West, a forty-six hour bus ride courtesy of Canada, who upon my departure told me to apply myself again through proper channels in a year or so. (Always polite!). BTW, the Canadian police were always polite, helpful, and friendly to the point of talking about mutual acquaintances in Montreal (by that time, I had moved to Quebec.)

Not having citizenship anywhere was a hassle until I began working with Garry Davis at World Passport. Believe it or not, when the going got hot, Garry pulled strings. The man has an unsurprising amount of influence in governements around the world.

At this time, I am settled, off-shore, of Key West, and making plans to move to an island South of US. I hear I am quite welcome!

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marvin 6 points 12 days ago

Me and my friends will welcome you to Norway with open arms, if you want. You have to be prepared for a certain degree of cultural shock, though. There environment for startup nurturage is not much compared to in the US, and we're constantly bashing those of us who are successful. If you have a long and specialized education, you will likely be among the worst-off with higher education in the Western world, compared to mean prices. You won't be poor, but likely you won't be driving a Bentely. Unless you hire tax lawyers, you will pay around 50% of your income to the state. Gas prices here are about three times higher here than in the US.

That said, though, Norway is a nice place. You'll get free health care, a decent pension no matter what you have done in life (although it gets higher the more you earned), and you'll get a fair amount of cash every month if you ever get sick enough to be unable to earn a living. (I currently get about 1400 dollars a month and free psychotherapy + physical therapy while recovering from a psychiatric condition). And we are nice. You won't get bashed if you are a homosexual or transsexual, although some people may look at you crosswise.

In the fall, the weather in Western Norway is spectacular. As black and wet as you get it. Likely takes some getting used to.

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KurtS 6 points 13 days ago

Skip Switzerland, unless you can get a job transfer there, such as with IBM. Switzerland is also a rather insular place, and very difficult to get citizenship, unless you're wealthy--you basically buy your way in. Socially, it wouldn't be too fun for Americans, as people are wary of "outsiders", and it's hard to break into any social scene. You'll have better luck making friends with Americans living there already. There are exceptions, but I found that true in Zurich.

Generally, the more cultural diversity a country has, the better you'll fit in. Unless of course, your family is from there originally, you speak the language well, etc.

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mpclark 5 points 13 days ago

Not Monaco. Based on personal experience life there is much more strictly controlled than one might imagine and the powers that be seem terrified to do anything that might offend their big neighbour, France.

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lkozma 2 points 12 days ago

hmm, about Scandinavia: go there if you are looking for a really safe environment, quiet, peaceful life, clean water, air, nature, friendly, educated people, etc. etc.

although life there can be a little bit ... khmm... boring :)

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jairzinho 1 point 12 days ago

+1 for putting Canada first on the list. Even though it's frakking cold!!! I lived in Canada for 14 yrs (I am 26) and last year I moved to Italy. Despite the mess that Italy is, and it is, walking on the street in a t-shirt in mid-October is a luxury not to be underestimated. Still Canada is (rightly) top of the list.

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psykotic 19 points 13 days ago*

Do not go to Denmark. Many Danes have a disgusting cultural superiority attitude that is totally incomprehensible. It has, on one hand, actively hostile immigration laws that prevent even Danes like I from returning to their home country if they marry abroad. On the other hand you have politicians who are constantly complaining about the so-called brain-drain and lack of experienced labor in IT, research and technology while actively contributing directly to the phenomenon. I grew up in Denmark and lived there until age 19 but I doubt I'll ever return for good unless there's a serious change of direction.

And, of course, you also have all the well-known issues like hyper-taxation and high cost of living. Fun.

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isalpha -5 points 12 days ago [comment score below threshold] show comment
greenknight 11 points 13 days ago

I would say western Canada because I can attest to how nice this part of my country is. Norway, Denmark, Finland are hard to immigrate to(I've had a cousin, albeit unskilled, trying to go that way to live with his Norwegian sweety but has had to settle on the UK as middle ground because their immigrations rules are so tough)

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notany -4 points 13 days ago

You don't want sakes int the paradise. It's worth of the effort.

permalink parent
greenknight 1 point 12 days ago

Unskilled was a generality, he has a journalism degree. He is unskilled compared to his multiple masters turbine engineer nordic honey.... who would make WAY less working in Canada.

permalink parent
md5 4 points 12 days ago

No, you were right the first time, a journalism degree pretty much means "unskilled" in any country.

permalink parent
kasperlapp 7 points 13 days ago

Don't pick Denmark. It's heading in the wrong direction and more importantly: we don't treat foreigners well.

permalink parent
simonsays -1 points 13 days ago

Depends on where the foreigners come from.... and how integrated they are into the danish society.

permalink parent
bagge 5 points 13 days ago

They have actually burned down vacation houses owned by swedes so I suppose that the threshold is quite low...

permalink parent
nicool 5 points 12 days ago

WhoTF are "they"? You mean some punk kids got wasted and burned down a Swedes vacation house? Please explain this one. Happens all the time in Canada and the U.S.

permalink parent
worldwalker 5 points 12 days ago

Danish people burning down vacation houses owned by swedes happens all the time in Canada and the U.S.?!


permalink parent
PatternJuggler 0 points 12 days ago

Some "punk kids"? How does that make it any better? If anything, that indicates a much deeper societal problem than if it were some special interest group or terrorists.

permalink parent
psykotic 4 points 13 days ago*

Depends on where the foreigners come from.... and how integrated they are into the danish society.

Why should foreign professionals working in Denmark have to integrate into Danish society? This is typical Danish thinking: "Denmark has the best system in the world, so by letting you come here we are doing you a huge favor."

I'm living in South Korea these days. I enjoy learning about the culture and I have a Korean girlfriend, but I assure you I have no desire of really integrating into the Korean society in the sense Danes use the term. Being an "outsider" here has really put things into perspective. Most Danes have uninformed armchair opinions on these issues because they've never been forced to deal with it from another perspective.

permalink parent
simonsays 7 points 13 days ago

Never said they should.. I’m just stating it like it is. You will find it much easier having a name like matt and coming from Brittan than a name like Mohammed and coming from Afghanistan.

I doubt many Danes expect foreign professionals working in Denmark for a few years to integrate. But if you plan to live in a country for the rest of your life I don’t think it’s too much to expect you to try and learn the language and get a job.

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freshyill -3 points 13 days ago

Any island?

permalink parent
traal 43 points 13 days ago

I'd pick a country higher on the list of countries by Human Development Index, the list of countries by economic freedom and the list of countries by income equality than my own.

I guess that means Ireland!

permalink parent
jks 22 points 13 days ago*

Finland is high on these lists as well, but you also get to experience interesting natural phenomena that are nonexistent or rare in such near-equatorial countries as Ireland!

permalink parent
petteri 18 points 13 days ago*

It's extremely difficult to immigrate to Finland, but yes it's nice here.

I would personally try Sweden instead, they have nice multicultural atmosphere.

permalink parent
j-o-h-n 7 points 13 days ago

Plus the language will be a lot easier for Americans to learn

permalink parent
toby 29 points 13 days ago

Yeah, I remember picking up quite a lot from watching the Muppet Show

permalink parent
j-o-h-n 17 points 13 days ago

Seriously, Swedish is reasonably similar to English.
Finnish is the sort of sounds you might make while you've accidentally boiled the family jewels in the sauna, but your larynx is frozen.

permalink parent
negative_karma 3 points 13 days ago

BORK BORK BORK who knew it meant so much.

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mikaelhg 3 points 12 days ago

You don't have to learn Finnish to live and work here.

Just pick an employer which has English as a work language, and you're golden.

permalink parent
md5 16 points 13 days ago

There you go, hating the Swedes again. I know you've had differences with them in the past, but do you really dislike them so much that you would actually direct an American towards them?

(I keeed, I keeed, I have nothing against Finns, Swedes or Americans.)

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notany 10 points 13 days ago*

They have intresting sense of humor:

And really competitive economy:

Switzerland, Finland and Sweden are the world’s most competitive economies according to The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007, released by the World Economic Forum on 26 September 2006. Denmark, Singapore, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom complete the top ten list, but the United States shows the most pronounced drop, falling from first to sixth.

And helluva good and free healthcare. Pay taxes in Finland and you are close to American living standards after you pay incurances that give you same level of security.

All this applies to Sweden also.

Edit: Finland is the least corrupt country in the world.

(In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by Transparency International, Finland with a score of 9.7 has been ranked first, making it the least corrupt nation on earth. A score of 10 means a country is seen as being 'highly clean', and a score of zero means 'highly corrupt.')

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