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The purpose of this web site is to promote the game of Hand & Foot and to strive to have uniform rules, no matter where it is played. I have played with players from Canada, England, the midwest, Arkansas, Florida, and the east coast, and they all have slightly different rules. The other objective, is to strive to make it a better game. With your input, this can be done. For those of you who have comments or questions, visit the Comment Page. Also, please let your 'Hand & Foot' playing friends know about this page, so they too can add to our input. Thank you for your help.
     I also plan to start a strategy page soon, so would welcome your comments on your favorite strategies. (Check the strategy page before submitting so that you know that the strategy you are submitting is a new one.
To see an amalgam of the rules as played by my respondents, go to Most standard rules
To see the rules as played by the author, go to My rules
Please click Comment Form to give me your comments and/or strategies.>
To see a compilation of all the rules received from people who have submitted their version of hand & foot, visit: Compilation of various rules
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