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; 25.  Learning Consultant @ Valencia Community College (you know, to pay the bills), screenwriter, director of short films on the side. Loves BTVS (Buffy/Spike), Harry Potter (Ron/Hermione), Chronicles of Riddick (Riddick/Kyra), La Femme Nikita, Supernatural, Bones, The Young Riders, Avonlea Fandom, Gilmore Girls and a sprinkling of Peter Pan & Wendy on the side. Have a serious obsession with Spanish Soap Operas. May never take anything serious and hardly ever holds a grudge and try not to hate (hate=bad). I will one day be a film director and producer.

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Version thirty-six: Ziyi Zhang. I found truly beautiful pictures of her at Hello Ziyi & I decided to use them with ianthinus' textures. The sites that are to remain open have been loaded; those which I have closed I have removed from my site list.

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James Franco is the HOTTEST!


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Pride & Prejudice Fan Gone with the Wind fan X-Men: Rogue fan BTVS: Buffy Summers Fan Sex and the City: Samantha Fan Riddick & Kyra obsession Underworld Fan Shakira fanatic Peter & Wendy fanatic Ron & Hermione fanatic The Faculty: Stan & Stokely fan BTVS: Buffy & Spike fanatic
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