Tuesday, September 12, 2006

lonelygirl15 revealed : jessica rose aspiring actress

**UPDATE:After checking out this info head to homepage for trailer for her first movie**

lonelygirl15 revealed as Jessica Rose from new zealand aspiring actress.

Looks like a "friend" could have revealed the real lonelygirl15 aka bree aka jessica rose from new zealand. The video reveals never before seen photos of lonelygirl15 I don't know if the user mgpapas is the friend but they also say lonelygirl15 is currently in los angeles. When more info comes in I will have it!

Update: Ok extra tidbits from my viwers and other sources. Apparently this also revolves around Jessica Rose aka lonelygirl15 being represented by modeling the company clyne management and he pictures being cached by google and also pictures on photobucket. Guess she couldn't clean up all her steps!



D .O.B. 26.04.87
Height 5' 3½"
Eyes Hazel


2004 · Levels Two and Three Acting Classes, Studio 111, taught by Sally Spencer-Harris and Elena Stejko
2003 · National Youth Drama School - Screen Acting2003 · South Seas 3 Day Screen Acting Workshop
2003 · Level One Acting Class, Studio 111, taught by Sally Spencer-Harris and Elena Stejko
2003 · Singing Lessons taught by Marie Sutton - (Mount Maunganui)
2003 · National Youth Drama School Stunt Classes2000 · NZ Speech and Drama Exam



2004 · KFC - Extra


2004 · Dearly Beloved (New Zealand Short Film Academy, Directed by Leah Salvisan) -- Lead (Bride)


2003-4 · Faulty Towers (Dinner Theatre) - (Polly) Main Character


· Accents: American, English· Film and TV Makeup Artist, Horse Riding, Swimming, Dancing, Deep Sea Diving

Um wow that american accent skill sure came in handy didn't it? She went from KFC commerical's to internet celebrity now I bet she thinks that is finger-licking good! And so much for being fifteen. But I will give it up to her a litte, she duped alot of people. But I wonder if they should be angry about it are not. Now I want to know, does that make daniel a cheap actor to?


Take a look at one of Jessica roses teachers Elena Stejko. This is no cheap acting studio either Elena is also an casting director and worked on a couple films. Here is a bio.

Russion born. Elena studied acting at the Kiev State University of Culture in the Ukraine.
Elena has been living in New Zealand since 1995. She has worked as an Actor, Casting Director, and Director of numerous theatre, film, and T.V. productions.
Stage: "The Bear" A. Chekov, "Cherry Orchard" / "Harry" M. Hollins, "Gentle Spirit" Dostoevsky.
T.V.: "Mercy Peak", "Shortland Street" , and "Spin Doctors".
Film: "Rackababe" K. Cameron, "Birth, Death and Bits in Between" Ian Mune.
Casting Credits: Numerous N.Z. and overseas TVC's, and films "The Locals", and additional casting "Rain".
Her work as a Trainer at the studio focuses on the Stanislavski / Michael Chehkov Techniques.
She uses a unique approach which can improve and transform an Actors work.

UPDATE: Jessica Lee rose worked on award winning film?

I did some hardcore searching and found a press release kit in adobe format of a new zealand short film called US (directed and written by James Blick) and who is credited as the makeup-artist/wardrobe? Jessica Lee Rose. And what is one of her skills on her resume? Makeup-artist.

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Anonymous said...

What's up with her friend ho'in it up in all the pictures?

Dahamu said...

Hm I dunno maybe she is doing this for her own fame?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure but I think the link to Jessica Rose was discovered by a website called Silicon Valley Watcher


I'm not quite sure how but it seems to revolve around a photobucket account and a tip-off that she was an actress from a particular part of NZ.

Anonymous said...

Yup -- NZ actress Jessica Rose was once represented by Clyne Management. Her photo has been removed from their website, however, Google Images still has a few:


Naco said...

That's rather amusing, at least now know who she actually is and what not :P

Anonymous said...

way to erase my comment.

Anonymous said...

Here is more of her bio. Although it is only cached now since she is trying to erase her tracks fast.


D .O.B. 26.04.87

Height 5' 3½"

Eyes Hazel


Dahamu said...


Anonymous said...

Here is the full cached link again since the first time didn't come out right.

She was in the short film Dearly Beloved directed by leah salvisan.

That is enough info to make your own search if this comes out messed up again.


Anonymous said...

THANKS for posting!

Dahamu said...

Thank you for reading and all the help guys!

Mark Pritchard said...

She "dooped" a lot of people?! It's "duped," you dope!

Peter (Denmark) said...

This is a real turn-off/turn-on (I really don't know):
She is a homosexual.

terminallycute said...

Thanks for sharing all of this! I'm throwing up a link to you in my own blog...


Dahamu said...

Ok thanks for the info guys! No prob cute, im stilling trying get more info and I im gonna search this lesbian thing!

Victoria said...

Did anyone notice how on the Nexopia profile and on the cached Clyne profile there are different birthdates?

Dahamu said...

Yes I don't think it's her, diffrent birthday plus it just looks like her to me.

shadowbot said...

I know that nexopia site seems fake but it does seem from blog pictures of her that she is homosexual.

shadowbot said...

The blogs that I am speaking of are here http://jessicarose.blog-com.com/

Anonymous said...

Here is her "cached" myspace profile:>

Anonymous said...

Well I think it is great someone can skyrocket to semi-international fame but basically it was done via lies and duping people. That is a fact.

Being a professional actor I suppose now I will think about doing the same thing. :)

I suppose anyone's identity and personal details are now able to be placed in the public domain. Privacy ...mmmm that doesn't exist anymore.

So we have a girl lying about her identity and then we have folks posting the personal details of someone they actually have never met all over the internet.

Wow, I didn't look at many of her videos but was she saying anything that gave positive energy to the human race?

Well, good luck to her, maybe she will do another KFC commercial and help raise the obesity rates !

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to where they posted A LOT of personal photos about her. She is a real party girl.


The other thing is look in the imdb website and look for Jessica Rose (VI). Those are the credits she has received for her work in actual film productions (all of them for makeup) so far.

Merit said...

Geez so she faked it on the 'Net. BFD people do it all the time. What makes this so special?

Get over it already!!!

Anonymous said...

...seems to be a legit career path these days...take Paris as your cue...just do something meaningless and lacking intellect

Anonymous said...

Lying? Jeez, get a life. Looks like "acting" to me. Don't you get it? This is a performance, and it worked pretty well, got a lot of attention. Even the 'outing' of the actress is part of the fun. Keep watching.

Anonymous said...

faarrrkk her mate in the pink is heaps hotter

Alex said...

I feel so hurt, so used, and abused...

Anonymous said...

wow she played with everyone's emotions.. I don't think that's a good way of getting into hollywoord. I think that's stupid and not right. It's BULL shEIt.

Anonymous said...

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