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"Not only does this confusing and one sided scheme waste taxpayers dollars, it uses those dollars to make a bad situation worse. It will increase fraud and evasion of campaign reporting laws. There will be less light shed on the sources of political money as campaigns work over time to get around these extremely low contribution limits."
-- T. Anthony Quinn, Ph.D., Former Commissioner, Fair Political Practices Commission

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Stop Prop. 89 from silencing the voices of millions of Californians

Get the facts about 89 before you vote. Prop 89:

  • Spends our taxpayer dollars on more campaigns and political junk mail instead of on our schools and classrooms
  • Discriminates against businesses, non-profit organizations and organized labor groups that represent teachers, firefighters and law enforcement
  • Raises taxes on ALL incorporated California businesses, including small businesses
  • Won’t stop wealthy candidates

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Californians to Stop 89 Releases Two New Television Ads

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Paid for by Californians to Stop 89, a coalition of business and taxpayer organizations and California Business Political Action Committee, sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce and ChevronTexaco

Californians to Stop 89
1415 L Street, Suite 1250
Sacramento, CA 95814


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