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Deer Creek Ranch, Estate of the Day

Another gorgeous Montana hideaway, Deer Creek Ranch is nestled at the foothills of the Swan Mountain range near Bigfork. The 73-acre private estate has both a large log home and a private guest cabin. The home is being sold fully furnished including a collection of western art.  The home's style is the classic log cabin gone luxe with rough-hewn details like stone fireplaces and raw timbers. It also has a decidedly western turned upscale feel with details like a formal dining room with a log ceiling and a billiard room that includes  a log-framed bar. The estate is listed at $19.9 million. After the jump, a decorator version of the Wild West.

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1. I'm certain it's nice considering it's out West, but don't you think there's a little to much wood?

Posted at 8:18PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Wendy 0 stars


Posted at 10:07PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Steph 0 stars

3. not enough words to describe how utterly fabulous this estate is.

Posted at 10:17PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Lucille Parris 0 stars

4. Please keep us posted on quality properities such as this

Posted at 10:19PM on Jul 7th 2006 by HEICo International 0 stars

5. Beautiful and Ginormous!!!!!!

Posted at 10:22PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Nancy Y. 0 stars

6. Do they take Section 8??

Posted at 10:24PM on Jul 7th 2006 by RichNOmaha 0 stars

7. I really,really LOVE it,I only wish I could afford a place like that,I mean exactly like that.It made my heart thump real loud when I looked at those pictures.You have to be the luckiest person in the world.A place like that has been my dream for my hole life,and I,m 57 yr.old. All the best to you and your,s.

Posted at 10:45PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Donald Johnson 0 stars


Posted at 10:54PM on Jul 7th 2006 by GENE 0 stars

9. This is my dream!!! To live on a ranch in beautiful Montana. If I had 20 million dollars this place would be mine,,, for now I guess it's still my dream,, please don't wake me.

Posted at 10:58PM on Jul 7th 2006 by lisa 0 stars

10. Is this a ranch? This is a mountain getaway for the rich. A ranch is for livestock production.

Posted at 11:07PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Ed 0 stars

11. I have two kids, I need something a little bigger.

Posted at 11:16PM on Jul 7th 2006 by david 0 stars

12. Breath Taking!This would make a beautiful bed and breakfast getaway!Thanks for the pictures!LThomas,Norfolk,Va

Posted at 11:23PM on Jul 7th 2006 by linda thomas 0 stars

13. OMG If I had to describe my dream home...this is it!! What I wouldn't give to have the money to buy it. I guess I have to keep on dreaming.

Posted at 11:36PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Dobs 0 stars

14. I wish they would donate the place to me. I would establish it as a world-wide health center for natural remedies, spiritual renewal, and wellness.

Posted at 11:43PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Tom Cusack 0 stars

15. People: this is a house, a house full of stuff. Yes, it is beautiful, but get a grip, is that what truly matters in life? I admit, I complain now and then about my home being crowded, not enough storage space, too few closets, carpet a bit worn, landscaping overgrown, BUT, as I asked before, is that what truly matters in life? Not to me, and I pray, not to you -- My advise: store up your treasures in Heaven because you cannot take your earthly treasures with you. God Bless!

Posted at 11:59PM on Jul 7th 2006 by Pepper 0 stars

16. My husband is always looking at places for sale on line here in Montana. That is where we live now. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I am sure you worked very hard for it to make it that way. I am sure you and your family went threw a lot of losses as well as gains. It takes a long time to get there! GOD BLESS YOU! Debbie

Posted at 12:04AM on Jul 8th 2006 by Deborah Smith 0 stars

17. I find this to be overblown and much too large for any one family...i think its grotesque how wasteful and extravagant it is...i dont care how much money you have, it could be put to better use.
it also lacks personality and seems to have been decorated totally by the designer and not by the ppl living there, which i find cold...id rather stay in a hotel than live in a home i had no design say in.
shamefully wasteful and souless

Posted at 12:28AM on Jul 8th 2006 by mia 0 stars


Posted at 12:36AM on Jul 8th 2006 by JACQUELINE 0 stars

19. What a waste! I am a native Montanan, and it breaks my heart to see what has happened to my beloved state. Bottom line is, my family and the people I grew up with can't afford to live there anymore. Our state has been taken over as a playground for the rich. Ick.

Posted at 12:39AM on Jul 8th 2006 by Denise 0 stars

20. what is it like in the winter? bitter cold and uninhabitable?

Posted at 12:41AM on Jul 8th 2006 by jim from ny 0 stars

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