Eatman: A Tasty Little Gallery

Eatman! ...yum.

Yo! This is my collection of cutecute Bolt Crank and Co. pictures. Most of them were scanned/and/or/made by me, but a few of them came from a lovely Japanese site, the address to which I shall put at the bottom of this page. ^_^ Enjoy.

Eatman is an on-going manga series, which was lucky enough to get it's television series as well. I shouldn't say lucky...after's got some very nice art work and stories and characters and--

All right, I'm okay. I just need to breathe into my paper bag for a while.

In any case, Eatman is the story of a world-class explorer named Bolt Crank. In my humble opinion, the name could use some work, but I like the rest of him just the way it is...

I'll be putting up more pictures in the future, just as soon as they get scanned. Check my main page weekly to see if I proclaim any new pictures. Sayonara!

Merry Christmas, Bolt! You can be my Santa Claus...

Kawaii! Cutecute chibi SD Bolt!

Now look at this and tell me he's not a cutie.

This is the banner from that darling Japanese page, and again, the link's down below.

Colour cover from the 5th tankouban!

Cover from the 3rd part of the second course manga. Colour. OOOoooo...

Lookin' cool, Bolt, lookin' suave...

This is a nice, long, B&W manga scan, and mymymy, does he look...electric.

Yo! This is our lovely Japanese Eat-man site, named 'Eatman's World'. Go there and stuff. And don't forget to look at his Eatman costumes. ^_^ The bad-guys were so kawaii!!

Oioi! This isn't the only manga gallery that I have horded into being. I've got more manga sitting around my place than is considered uncarcenogenic by the surgeon general. So what do I do with them? I SCAN them, silly person! ^_^ Want to flip through some fun pictures? I have links! Observe...

Sesshomaru's Shogallery!

Sesshomaru's Tasuki/Chichiri gallery no da!

Sesshomaru's Scruffy lil' Yosho/Kagato Coloring book scans

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Yupyup, standard disclaimers. This stuff, though some of it is scanned by me, wasn't made by me. Freakin' sue me already. Geez. 1