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XTM PC/XT Emulator for EPOC32

EPOC handheld+ XTM =A real PC XT

Lets you run DOS on your Symbian handheld computer

What is XTM?

XTM is a software emulation of a classic PC/XT computer for the Symbian EPOC32 operating system. Within this standard application for your handheld computer or Nokia communicator, you can run any software which would run on a low-end PC clone from the 1980's.

Please note that you need your own copy of DOS to run with XTM.

Geofox-One runs Lotus 123

Geofox-One running Lotus 1-2-3 - Click for full-size screen images

Why Use XTM?

There are thousands of DOS-based applications still being used today. This varies from legacy business applications to measurement programs to games software. With XTM and your handheld device, you now have a simple, low-cost, truly portable option for running these applications.

XTM also provides a platform for writing new software. It offers a simple alternative to writing for the Symbian operating system - you can use Pascal, BASIC, or any other tool you are familiar with.

XTM Technical Specification

XTM provides the following capabilities:-

  • Full 80186 instruction set with 8087 math coprocessor.
  • MCGA display emulation with all text modes and graphics modes at 320 x 200 and 640 x 200 resolutions.
  • Native code BIOS for improved performance.
  • Native code support for HP 200LX graphics interface (Int 5Fh).
  • Full access to host EPOC32 file system.
  • Access to EPOC machine serial ports as COM1 and COM2.
  • PC keyboard mapping including 12 function keys implemented as screen buttons. UK, US, French and German keyboards supported.
  • France XTM inclut des dialogues et des commandes Français.
  • Germany XTM hat Deutsche menüs und dialoge.
  • Nederland XTM bevat Nederlandse menus en dialogen.

XTM has been tested with a number of PC operating systems including MS-DOS and DR-DOS. XTM currently runs on the Nokia 92xx Communicator family, the Psion Revo, the Series 5, the Series 5mx, the Series 7, the netBook, the Diamond Mako and the Geofox One.

New GnuPlot animation
XTM version 3 includes 8087 math coprocessor emulation.
Run MATLAB 3.x or GnuPlot 3.5 (shown) in your pocket!

XTM Performance

If you are less than 30 years old, you probably don't remember just how slow the original IBM PC was. Your Pentium desktop machine today is probably about 500 times the raw CPU speed of an IBM PC/XT. That means something your Pentium calculates today in a very acceptable 3 seconds would have taken 25 minutes on a PC/XT!

Having reminded you how slow a PC/XT was - XTM is similar, but can be slower, especially the graphics performance. Anything written for the XT which runs in text mode will be just fine, even on the original Series 5. Any real-time or graphic intensive game written for a later platform will be grim, unless you've got a netBook or Nokia Communicator.

The netBook and Nokia Communicator provide good XTM computation speed, and on these machines XTM will outrun most old PC's. Unfortunately, because of limitations in the Symbian/EPOC operating system and hardware, screen updates on these machines are still relatively slow. Many classic DOS games will run, but some are hampered by the slow screen redraw of EPOC.

Here's a table showing approximate performance of XTM and some other popular platforms compared to the original IBM PC/XT. The "Sieve" benchmark is a trivial program made popular by BYTE magazine in the 1980's.

Relative Benchmark Performance
Psion 5
XTM 5mx XTM netBook
Sieve 1.0 2.2 3.5 480 0.64 1.43 9.65
Integer Math 1.0 4.1 7.7 1050 1.28 2.72 21.73

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