Psychiatry out of Print


This website has been developed to share scientific papers in the psychiatry research field. Although many papers written after 1995 are available on the internet, a number of important papers are still only available in print. Some of these papers are now available as PDFs from this website



Papers available:


Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

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Beck Depression Inventory

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Feighner Criteria / St Louis Criteria



Frequently asked questions

1) What about copyright?

The aim of this website is not to break copyright rules but to provide important scientific papers to researchers in the psychiatry field. All papers on this site are

published before 1995, and many researchers would be able to obtain these papers via inter-library loans anyway (albeit after a weeks delay). A link to the relevant publishers website is provided for each paper, and the user is reminded that the copyright of the paper belongs to the publisher. If you are the copyright holder and believe this website is breaking copyright laws please contact me at the email address below.


2) Your PDFs are a bit messy!

The PDFs were created by scanning in photocopies of journal pages. At present the quality isn’t great, however the pages should be text searchable, as optical character recognition has been applied.


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