Novena    Visitors to Las Vegas
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Holy Family Roman Catholic Church of Las Vegas, Nevada presented
In the heart of the desert

on June 9 and June 10th, 2006


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by Jean LoGiudice

He's been here before ... lived here for a few years in the 1970s. He's even visited since he became a priest in 1991.

But Friday, June 9, 2006, marked the first time that this full-time preacher has preached in Las Vegas. Some 800 people were privileged to be there.

Most anyone visiting this web site is somewhat familiar with John Corapi's story, so briefly,
---Father John Corapi is a priest and a religious, a perpetually professed member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity;
---Born in Hudson, New York, in 1948;
---Green Beret Special Forces during the Viet Nam war;
---Millionaire in Las Vegas……..multi-millionaire in Hollywood………..friend of the stars, mansion on the beach, yacht, Ferrari…..

You get the idea. All the world's success before he was even in his mid-30s. And then, God love him (literally), the bottom dropped out. Addiction took every dime as well as every "friend", and his mental and physical health, and in his mid-30s he found himself penniless and homeless in Los Angeles.

If his road to the priesthood is unusual, Father's road in the priesthood is also unusual. Unless you think of St. Paul, that is.

Father Corapi travels the world. He is on the road with the Good News every single week of his life since ordination to the priesthood at the age of 44. Just like St. Paul, he teaches the faith. Unlike St. Paul, he teaches it to Catholics.

Father Corapi saw the need, saw that even the basics of the faith have gone untaught. He's traveled the world over the past 15 years that he's been a priest, teaching the basics, the pillars of the faith, with a special devotion to Our Lady and an uncompromising love for Holy Mother Church holding him up and carrying him to us. Scripture and the Catechism. He has done much for the Church, for us; but if all he had ever produced was the 60-hour video/audio teaching of the Catechism, that would make him a giant. The Catechism is the greatest systematic theology that man has ever written, and Father Corapi is the only man thus far to have turned it into a definitive teaching series for us.

This time through Las Vegas, Father Corapi left 800 friends behind. We will not forget him. He is permanently on each of our prayer lists.

Father John Corapi, S.O.L.T.

Father is a perpetually professed priest member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity.

The pillars of father's preaching are basically three:

  • Love for and a relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary, which leads us into a vibrant and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Great love and reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist--from Holy Mass to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • And an uncompromising love for and obedience to the Holy Father and the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church.
The essence of Father's message is the essential message of Jesus Christ. It is Good News: a message of truth and goodness, love and mercy. It is above all else a message of hope.

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2. A Homily given by Fr. Tommy Lane, Ireland, "Father Corapi found the Treasure and the Pearl"
3. Article on Fr. Corapi, "From Addict to Evangelist"

"...Father John Corapi's life experiences prior to ordination are simply astounding and truly show the great work of God through our blessed Mother. Filled with the desire to "be somebody", he embraced the promises of the world. From athletics to soldiering to millionaire businessman, his life became a string of successes that always left him flat and empty. But God was molding him. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Father Corapi began to see light where before there was only darkness. After a series of trials, he soon felt the unmistakable call to become a priest. Eleven years of life as a religious and four university degrees later (including a doctorate in Sacred Theology), Father Corapi was ordained in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. He has the gift of "Apostolic Preaching" (teaching the truths of the Faith with such authority and clarity that event the hardest hearts might be brought closer to God). Father's talks will be on the Catholic faith."