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 Mission Statement 


     The Roehr Motorcycle Company will become

the premier builder of  American made sports and

racing motorcycles, passionately committed

to producing beautifully designed

 high performance SportBikes

made in the USA.






                  In 1995, company founder, Walter Roehrich

                      set out to build his ultimate street bike.                                  

                      It needed to be light weight, powerful

                      and above all handle like a current GP bike. 

                      The desire to take on this challenging project

                      grew from Walter Roehrich's love and passion for

                      the motorcycle and a desire to express his idea's

                      and build a unique bike that was not available

                      from current manufacturers.

                      The Rv500 was born. A 500cc two-stroke,

                      twin crank, V-twin based on Yamaha

                      YZ250 motocross engine parts, housed in Roehrich's

                      own custom made crankcase.

                      At 115hp and 315lbs. the Rv500 offered a  totally

                      unique and thrilling riding experience.

                      Research and experiments in the application of new

                      direct fuel injection technology to bring

                      the two-stroke within EPA emission limits        

                      were carried out with promising results.









                       The Rv500 was introduced to the press in Jan 2000 .






                       The overwhelming response from motorcycle

                       enthusiasts all over the world fueled the idea

                       of creating a new American motorcycle company

                       to bring this bike to production.


                       The company  would focus on producing high

                       performance motorcycles in limited numbers, offering unique

                       technical solutions combined with beautiful design

                       in an exclusive package.


                       It became clear that to produce the Rv500 engine with the

                       addition of the DFI fuel system was prohibitively expensive

                       due to low production volumes and the use of new

                       proprietary DFI technology.


                       Walter Roehrich set out to create a new bike with production

                       in mind. It had to retain the same light weight, high power

                       and fine handling characteristics of the Rv500 yet even more striking.


                       In 2004 the Rv1000 was born. The heart of this bike

                       is a 120hp 936cc 60deg. 4-stroke V-twin, the lightest  large displacement twin  cylinder engine in the industry.






                    The Roehr Motorcycle Company is currently working on completing the new superbike to dedut in the summer

                      of 2006.

                      The bike is a totally new design from the Rv1000. It features an aluminum/CrMo steel composite frame.

                      It is powered by a 150 hp V-twin (made in the USA) with potential power output of 180+ hp depending on tuning.

                      The new Superbike promises to deliver the performance, looks and quality that American riders have been

                      waiting for.


                      Roehr Motorcycles is seeking a financial partnership/ investment to begin production of the new superbike.



                  In the News:


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                       11/01/2004  Rv1000 

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                  Latest News:


                  01/09/2006  New Roehr Superbike to debut in early 2007

                                           The new Roehr Superbike will feature an aluminum/steel composite beam frame,

                                           new 150 HP V-Twin engine and updated styling.





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