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The following tables provide an overview of Stamps-Baxter publications currently in our collection. Links are provided to the table of contents for those volumes which have been catalogued. For material under copyright, a reference to volumes containing the work and a referral to the copyright owner is all that we may legally provide.

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  • Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company
  • Stamps-Baxter of Zondervan
  • Stamps-Baxter of Zondervan / Benson Company
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  • Zondervan
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Notes: See also Stamps Quartet.
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Convention Songbooks and Radio Songbooks

Singing Schools and Conventions
1931 Cheerful Chimes    
1932 Tuneful Praise    
1933 Harbor Bells Number Two    
1934 Boundless Joy    
1935 Harbor Bells Number Four    
1937 Glory Dawn   Virgil O. Stamps' Favorite Radio Songs (enlarged edition)
1939 Gospel Tide    
1941 Faithful Guide Golden Key Super Specials No. 2
1942 Lasting Peace Blessed Hope  
1943   Heaven's Lamp  
1944   Grateful Praise  
1945 Living Grace Humble Hearts  
1946 Rainbow Rays Shining Path Sentimental Songs
1947 Sunlit Way Highest Praise Harmony Gems
1948 Glory Waves Silver Tones Peaceful Echoes
1949 Morning Light Boundless Love Star of Hope
Chords of Love
1950 Better Songs Sharon's Rose Songs for All
1951 Crimson Glow Precious Name  
1953 Harvest Songs    
1954   Chiming Bells  
1955 Gospel Light Shepherd's Love Heaven's Banner
1956   Happy Praise  
1957 Crowning Joy Master's Call  
1958 Living Gems Silver Gleams  
1959 Perfect Joy Golden Chimes  
1960 Dawning Light Vict'ry Songs Good Songs
1961 Holy Light Saving Grace  
1962   Glory Bells  
1963 Endless Joy Temple Gates  
1964 Upward Way Winning Songs  
1965 Chapel Chords Morning Sunbeams  
1966   Harbor Lights  
1967 Wondrous Love Redemption Songs  
1968 Radiant Gems    
1969 Glory Beams Harps of Gold  
1970 Eternal Praise Supernal Joy  
1971 Gospel Songs    
1972 Glad Tidings    
1973 Gospel Praise Songs of Zion  
1974 Sacred Gems Saving Power  

Stamps-Baxter of Zondervan

1975 New Gospel Songs  
1976 Golden Songs of Glory Gospel Songs of Cheer
1976 Make A Joyful Noise Joe E. Parks
1977 Gospel Songs of Cheer
Songs of Rejoicing
New Songs of Praise
1978 Songs of Victory Songs of Jubilation
1979 Praising Him Joy in Singing
1980 Sing a New Song Voices In Song
1981 Music Is Ringing Notes of Praise
1982 Heaven's Harmony Sing for Joy
1983 Songs of the Kingdom  
1984 Christian Praise  
1985 Gospel Hymnal Volume III
Great Gospel
Praising His Name
1986 Singing Together Let All Rejoice

Stamps-Baxter of Zondervan / Benson Company

1987 A Time to Sing  
1988 Divine Joy Master's Voice
1989 Calvary's Song Joyous Praise
1990 Matchless Love  

Not in Series

1938 Albert E. Brumley's Book of Radio Favorites  
1939 Favorite Songs and Hymns: A Complete Church Hymnal  
1940 Comfort and Consolation  
1944 Albert E. Brumley's Book of Sacred Songs  
1944 Calvary Songs  
1956 Heavenly Highway Hymns  
1976 Great Gospel Songs and Hymns  
1976 Stamps-Baxter 101 Great Gospel Favorites  
1980 Singing Churchmen: Two Part Voices for Men  
1982 That Day at Calvary Gary Lanier

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