Published Technical Papers

"Type 1 Mastics: What To Look For" Published by Tile & Decorative Surfaces Magazine,
Sept, 1989

"Steam Room Construction" An open paper submitted to Qualicer 92 International Ceramic
Tile Symposium held in Castellon, Spain. The paper was adopted and presented by the
director of The Tile Council of America.

"Resolving Major Substrate Problems in a Midwest Shopping Mall" published by Tile World
Magazine, Jan/Feb 1993

"The Most Common Tile Contractor/Tilesetter Errors That Cause Installation Failures"
published by The National Tile Contractors Association TileLetter, Feb. 1998

"Building Movement = Cracked Or Loose Tile: This Equation Can Be Changed" published
by The NTCA TileLetter, May, 2002"

Coverage! Coverage! coverage" published by The NTCA TileLetter, May, 2002

"Sub-floor Problems" published by The NTCA TileLetter, July, 2003