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At the memorial service honoring Asa, who should show up but the "dead man" himself! Seeking to reclaim what was his, Asa set out to keep Delila away from Bo. Confused and incapable of coping with all that had happened, Delila was faced with a dilemma: which Buchanan would she choose? After Delila heard the truth that Asa knew all along that he was Bo's father, but had lied so that he would win her for himself, she left the old man! Stricken, angry, and stubborn, Asa vowed revenge on all those who had betrayed him. Bo rejoiced in the discovery that he was finally free to be with Delila, but Bo had recently made love to Becky -- and now she was pregnant! Becky chose not to tell Bo because she knew he was in love with Delila. A chance encounter- at the gynecologist's office led Delila to discover Becky's delicate condition. Alarmed that Becky would tell Bo she was carrying his baby, Delila pressed for a fast divorce from Asa and a hasty marriage to Bo.

Asa forced Becky to admit that she was pregnant with Bo's baby. Becky threatened Asa, informing him that if he revealed her pregnancy to Bo, he would never lay eyes on his grand-child. Asa offered to support Becky and her baby if she would let him raise the child, but she refused because she had accepted a proposal of marriage from Drew Ralston. But on their wedding day, Drew was shot and killed in a botched robbery at the florist shop where he was buying Becky's bouquet. Becky named her baby Drew. After Asa promised he would not expect Becky to sleep with him, she agreed to become his wife. Asa firmly believed that she would, in time, come to love him.

Delila returned from her honeymoon only to learn she was sterile. Certain that Bo would leave her when he learned of her sterility, Delila concocted an incredible lie, telling Bo she was carrying his baby. Caught up in a web of lies, Delila finally admitted her deceit to Bo, whose heart went out to his barren wife.

Fearing Becky would die from pregnancy complications, an anguished Asa told Bo the truth -- Bo was the father of Becky's baby! Bo was overjoyed to have what he had wanted most in the world -- a son. Bo filed for divorce from Delila, though she managed to convince him to postpone his plans to end their marriage.

Pat Ashley received the sorrowful news that her husband Tony had been killed while on a dangerous assignment in war-torn Lebanon. Pat left town to accept an exciting new job at a Chicago TV station.

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