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Response to Criticism

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Justified True Belief


Science and Faith in the Search for Truth
Pope John Paul II

Logic & Fallacies 101
The Atheism Web

Comparing the LDS church to a cult...

14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet
Ezra Taft Benson

  Mormonism is Jesus Christ's true church   Mormonism is a cult   Comparing the LDS church to a cult...
Biblical Discernment Ministries

14 Point Cult Checklist
International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

Historical suppression addressed

Simplifying, coordinating lessons
Elder Boyd K. Packer

Opposition to the Work of God
Elder Carlos E. Asay

  As Jesus Christ's True Church, Mormons have no need for censorship   The LDS church censors it's history, apostates and dissenting writers   On Being a Mormon Historian
D. Michael Quinn

How Apologetics is Reshaping Mormon Orthodoxy
John-Charles Duffy

The September Six

Grant Palmer---->

Studies of the Book of Mormon
B. H. Roberts, General Authority, LDS Historian


"The whore of all the earth, founded by the Devil"
1Nephi 14:9-17
  All other churches are of Satan   There are many paths to God and spiritual growth   The Holy See

The Holy Qur'an

The Holy Torah

Church chart
Officiial LDS site

What Are People Askng About Us?
President Gordon B. Hinckley, (scroll to #5)

LDS Member Activity and Convert Retention Statistics
The Cumorah Project

  There are 12 million Mormons and the church is growing   There are fewer than 12M Mormons and Church growth is slowing  

Estimates of Future Membership
Duwayne Anderson

Does the LDS Church Really Have 11 Million Members?

Dr. Shades'
Mormonism Page

The Hofmann Story
Elder Dalin Oakes

If Hinckley is a Prophet, Then How Was He Deceived?
Jeff Lindsay

  "The Prophet will never lead the church astray"   The Prophet didn't discern the evil intent of Hofmann   The Hofmann Story
Utah History Encyclopedia

God as an exalted man
Joseph Smith

"It was just a couplet."

  'As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become.'   Mormon idea of God is in conflict with Christian view   'God as Man' doctrine
1844 to 1994

Rethinking Mormonism

What is God Like?
LDS official site

Point-by-Point Refutation

"Prophets are men and sometimes err in doctrine."
Apostle McConkie's rebuke to Eugene England

  "We denounce the Adam - God theory"
Spencer W. Kimball
  Brigham Young taught that Adam was God, the Father of Christ and the Creator   30 scanned images of historical sources
Mormons in Transition
The Family: A Proclamation to the World   A Forever Family is a mother, father and children   Loving families take many forms   Critique of 'A Proclamation to the World"
A Restoration Church
  The LDS church is the same yesterday, today and forever   LDS realigning to be mainstream Christian   Reframing the Book of Mormon

Newsweek examines Mormonism

Mormons Don't Want to be Mormons Anymore
Clare Goldsberry

Moses & Abraham
LDS Scriptures

"original man began life as a man"
Creation Article

First Presidency, 1909, reprinted 2002

Bursting the Big Bang Theory
Jeff Lindsay

Evidence for Creation/Young Earth
Creation Evidence Museum

(The LDS Church is currently neutral regarding evolution)

  Earth is about 6000 years old   Earth is billions of years old  

Biography of Ussher
Donald Simanek

Brief on deep time
NASA Astrobiology Institute

Emerging Modern Universe

LDS Theology of Evolution


Minor doctrinal beliefs:

Masks on Halloween invite Satan

    Face (poker) cards are of Satan        
    Children are safest among LDS leaders        
    Satan has dominion over oceans and water - missionaries cannot swim        
    Coffee, tea, Coca Cola and alcohol are against the Word of Wisdom        
    Rated R movies are of Satan        
JOSEPH SMITH          
The First Vision
LDS Official

All versions support each other

Milton V. Backman, Jr.

  Joseph Smith had a vision of God and Jesus in 1820   There are 7 historical versions of the First Vision   7 recorded versions
compiled by V.W. Smith

The Kinderhook Story
Stanley B. Kimball

Mormon scholars respond
Stanley Kimball and Jeff Lindsay

  Joseph Smith never fell for the Kinderhook Hoax   Joseph Smith was exposed by the Kinderhook Hoax  

The Kinderhook Story
Jerald and Sandra Tanner

Answering Mormon Scholars
Jerald and Sandra Tanner

"J Smith had 1 wife, Emma"
Biography of Joseph Smith
LDS official


Joseph Smith revealed, but didn't practice polygamy


Joseph Smith secretly practiced polygamy prior to its revelation


33 wives of record (12 already with husbands)
Signature Books

In Sacred Loneliness
Todd Compton

"False prophesies don't make false prophets"

Fulfilled prophesies of Joseph Smith
Jeff Lindsay

  Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God   Joseph Smith failed the biblical test of a prophet  

Biblical test of a prophet
Biblical Discernment Ministries

Failed prophesies of Joseph Smith
Sharon Doty

  The Doctrine & Covenants
is revelation from God
  The D & C was created by
Joseph Smith and altered by the church
  The Doctrine & Covenants, 1833 text
The Pearl of Great Price
LDS Official
  The Pearl of Great
Price is revelation from God
  The Pearl of Great
Price was
created by
Joseph Smith
  Minor parallels:
Manuscript Found

Solomon Spaulding
  Ancient papyri were translated into the Book of Abraham by Joseph Smith   The actual papyri are occult Egyptian prayers that post-date Abraham by 4,000 years  

Book of Abraham Papyri
Egyption Translation

By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus
Full text of book by Michael Larson

A brief history of the Egyptian papyri
Mormonism Research Ministry

The Book of Mormon
Project Gutenberg
  The Book of Mormon is revelation from God   The Book of Mormon was created by Joseph Smith, who was inspired by contemporary works  

View of the Hebrews or The Tribes of Israel in America--full text
Ethan Smith, pub. 1825

View of the Hebrews
parallels to BofM

The Wonders of Nature and Providence Displayed
(Main texts)

Josiah Priest, (1825)

The Golden Pot
Grant Palmer

The Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon
319 scriptures from the Bible

The Joseph Smith Inspired Version Bible
Reorganized LDS
  The Bible is "corrected, revised, altered, added to, and deleted from" as revealed from God   The King James Version of the Bible was altered by Joseph Smith  

Inspired Version background
Jerald and Sandra Tanner

Comprehensive study and text
Mormons in Transition

LDS leaders lack confidence in Inspired Version

Book of Mormon Translation by Joseph Smith
John W. Welsh and Tim Rathbone

  The Book of Mormon was translated by JS peering thru a Urim & Thummim at ancient golden plates   The B. of M.was dictated by Joseph Smith lowering his face into his upturned hat   Eyewitness accounts
Institiute for Religious Research
"the most correct of any
book on earth
LDS Guide to the Scriptures

Have Doctrines Changed?
3 articles by W. John Walsh, FARMS and Jeff Lindsay

"They're minor edits
and formatting for clarity"

Jeff Lindsay
  The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the Gospel   Many changes have been applied to the Book of Mormon   List of nearly 4000 changes
Utah Lighthouse Ministries

Selected questions about the "Fullness of the gospel"
S. I. Banister

15 LDS precepts ontradicted in LDS Scripture
RFM Board

Nothing in BofM precludes Asiatic migration
5 selected LDS apologetics' articles

Does DNA Evidence Refute The Book of Mormon?
Jeff Lindsay

Lamanites could also be Asian

Dr. Michael F. Whiting

  Native Americans are descendants of the Book of Mormon's Jaredites, Nephites and Lamanites, who are descendants of Ancient Jews   mtDNA, and X and Y chromosomal research traces indigenous Americans and Polynesians to Asia, specifically Mongolia  

Losing a Lost Tribe
Simon G. Southerton

Review of Lost Tribe

DNA Geneologies of American Indians and the Book of Mormon
Simon G. Southerton

DNA and The Book of Mormon

Anachronisms in the Book of Mormon:

Flora and Fauna


Metals and Metallurgy

Other incongruties

Horse = tapir

Book of Mormon notes the use of
  wheeled chariots
  swords and scimitars
  walled fortresses,
  armies of millions
& etc.

No artifacts or other evidence exists to support these claims

American horses became extinct between 13,000 and 9,000 BC (with mammoth, saber tooth and mastadon)

European horses brought by Spaniards in late 1400's

No Native American cultures "retain" these technologies


LDS funded exploration for Book of Mormon evidence
Utah Lghthouse Ministries

How Do You Lose a Steel Mill?
Frank R. Zindier

Holocene Extinction Event

How Horses Made America Great
Audrey Pavia

Would you ride to battle astride these steeds?
Tapir #1
Tapir #2
Tapir #3

Anachronisms in the Book of Mormon


Archaeology and The Book of Mormon
  Millions of Jaredites and Nephites were annihilated at Hill Cumorah   There should be vast quantities of artifiacts for miles around  

The Hill Cumorah Question

Hill Cumorah doctrine

"The Smithsonian should be more scholarly"
FAIR argues the 9 points
  The Smithsonian uses/used the Book of Mormon for archaeological research   Smithsonian: "Book of Mormon is a religious, not scientific document"  

The Smithsonian's 9 point refutation

        Unique and ubiquitous N. & S. American characteristics don't appear in the Book of Mormon    

Mountain Meadows Massacre

"Our focus is not on 1857"

  Brigham Young sent word to "not meddle with" the emigrants   Mormon settlers massacred 120 Arkansas emigrants  

Mountain Meadows Massacre

"...the bones of one hundred twenty men, women and children from Arkansas."


"J Smith had 1 wife, Emma"
Biography of Joseph Smith
LDS official


Joseph Smith revealed, but didn't practice polygamy


Joseph Smith secretly practiced polygamy prior to its revelation


33 wives of record (12 already with husbands)
Signature Books

In Sacred Loneliness
Todd Compton

Section 132- D&C;
"...for the fulness of My glory"
President Gordon B. Hinckley
" is now against the law of God."
Elder Bruce R. McConkie
"...the holy practice will commence again."
Polygamy was an ancient commandment "restored"
Polygamy ceased due to a later commandment
Polygamy will be a commandment in the future

Polygamy was a cover for sexual license

Polygamy ceased due to political pressure


A Chronology of Federal
Legislaton on Polygamy

Perry L. Porter

Official denial of Polygamy

Sacred Texts

'they've made major invasions into the membership "
Elder Boyd K. Packer
      Feminists, intellectuals & gays are marginalized by the church   See below:
Daughters of God
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Loving the Role I Once Shunned
Marian Pond

  LDS women have special status   The LDS church is mysogynistic   The Role of Women
Jessica Longacker


Utah #1 in Prozac Consumption
The Salt Lake Tribune

Larry King excerpt
Absence of Power

American Indians

The 1978 Revelation
regarding "those from whom the priesthood has been withheld "

Blacks and the priesthood
Preface to the1978 revelation by Apostle LeGrand Richards

  We are all children of God   The church is racist  

American Indians

Blacks and the priesthood

Gordon B. Hinckley (Q #2)


Homosexuality is a sin

  Homosexual acts are immoral but we're all children of God   The Church rejects it's Gay and Lesbian members  

Biological Basis of Sex Orientation

A Revised History of Homosexuality and Mormonism 1840 to 1980
Connell O'Donovan

How I Baked a Custard Pudding and Lost My Testimony of Mormonism

Why can't women be ordained?
W. John Walsh & Jenny Scoville Walsh
  The powers of the priesthood are reserved for LDS men   LDS women used the priesthood historically and do so currently  

Priesthood OK'd for Women

Lost Priesthood of LDS women
Maxine Hanks

Womens' temple endowments of/by women ---->

'Daughters of Light'
Carol Lynn Pearson ---->

LDS discussion of Temple ordinances

Masonry and the LDS Temple

  Mormon temple ordinances are based on revelation from God   Mormon temple ordinances mimic Masonic temple ordinances   Temple
(respectful of rites)

Masonic temple ceremony


How do I learn more?

Send the missionaries

I need to be a better Mormon:

Provident Living
LDS official

LDS Living
Mormon merchandise

What language is this?

Glossary of Mormonism
Richard Packham



"I know
(or feel)
the Church is true!"




"I know
(or suspect)
the church is false!"

How do I get out?

Taking your name off LDS Church Records

I need to be free from Mormonism:

Shattered Faith Syndrome
Jim Moyers, MA, MFT

Recovery from Mormonism

What about all this tithing money?

Circulo de Amigas
A true charity - my favorite

The Exmormon Foundation
To support other travelers of this road