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The only sensible vote is a protest vote… The Blah! Party believes in the right to opinion, the right to question, the right to disapprove, the right to change things for the better, and fundamentally, the right to BLAH!

Your Blah!

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Your Blah!s

Blah! to senseless politics

The Blah! Party offers a protest vote to the politically disaffected. We aim to become the UK’s biggest political party, by attracting over 300,000 members.

The Blah! Party offers the people of this country a mouthpiece to voice their disapproval at the policies and decisions that just don’t make any sense, and have never been called into question or justified. We want to see the current leading parties pull their socks up, stop spouting hot air, and actually deliver on their promises.

Joining is easy:

By joining the Blah! Party you are simply registering your protest – so come on join now, the more of us there are, the louder the BLAH!

The Blah! Party manifesto is a rolling list of policies and objectives written by the people that count... YOU. See the current Blah! manifesto.

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