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Interview with Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV --- Husband of Outed CIA operative Valerie Plame An Exclusive “Download-to-Own” DVD Extra

We are offering our new release of BUSH’S BRAIN, the explosive documentary on Karl Rove as a download to DVD. The directors of the film encourage you to burn up to 4 DVDs for your “Republican friends” for only $4.95. Get this film out there for the midterms!

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This fall, the midterm elections will be among the most fiercely contested in American history. And, you can count on one thing. One man will be calling the shots. He will be the key Republican strategist. He will do whatever it takes to insure that the Republican majority is still intact in November

BUSH'S BRAIN chronicles the life and work of Karl Rove, currently the Senior Advisor to President Bush. When we began shooting BUSH'S BRAIN, Karl Rove was unknown to most of us. He was the most powerful man America had never heard of. He was the "Wizard of Oz" behind the curtain of the Bush Presidency.

Now, in 2006, things have certainly changed. Most Americans now know the name "Karl Rove". They probably even know him by the nickname "BUSH'S BRAIN". They know he has engineered two Presidential victories for George W. Bush. They know he is smart. They know he is effective. They may even think of him as ruthless. Machiavellian.

But, even now, what most Americans don't know or understand… is the "Rove M.O.". They don't know how Karl Rove actually operates.

Our film, BUSH'S BRAIN, is a primer on how Karl Rove operates. If you want to understand what happened in the elections of 2000 and 2004, you should see our film. If you want to know what will probably happen this fall, you must see our film.

For those who saw BUSH'S BRAIN, the Swift Boat Ads came as no surprise. They were vintage Rove. You attack your opponent's strength, not his weakness. And you cast deep shadows of doubt -- which can't be refuted in time for the election.

The same technique was used in the 2000 primary election against Senator John McCain. Rove turned McCain's heroic ordeal as a prisoner of war into a liability. Because of his years of imprisonment, McCain was said to be "mentally unfit" to be president. Sound familiar?

We urge you to buy BUSH'S BRAIN, share it with friends and relatives, use it for meetings, discussion groups, family debates. It provides the deep background on the Rove-Bush strategy. It will help you understand what is coming this fall.

Thank you,

Michael and Joe The Directors of BUSH'S BRAIN