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While at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January, I was fortunate enough to be able to schedule some time to meet with the folks from Digital Playground. It was a really wild experience - horn-dogs everywhere, flashes going off left and right, and busy little starlets jumping from one interview to the next. It was crazed.

I was able to speak with some of the top talent that signed with Digital, and would like to share what I learned. (Other than the obvious - the babes are hot. Flaming hot.)

First a background on Digital Playground, paraphrased from the Digital Playground site.

Since 1993, Digital Playground has earned 60 awards for their marketing efforts and contributions to interactive technology, maintaining 40% of the adult DVD market. With a classy female in the owner's seat, Digital Playground shatters the porn stereotype, encouraging women and couples to join the consumer pool.

Digital Playground has a reputation for creating the industry's stars. Their contract girls are the most recognized, most demanded and highest billed performers in the adult industry. Combining basic laws of supply and demand with the most beautiful, articulate and elegant girls they could find has resulted in media sensations Tera Patrick, Devon, Jesse Jane and Teagan Presley.

Now let me tell you about my adventure at AVN while trying to interview a few of the stars.

There is a fabulous woman named Adella who works in the PR department for Digital Playground; she was instrumental in arranging a few interviews for me at the last minute, and I was eternally grateful for that.

Amusingly enough, the day before my interview, my publisher and I were sitting in the Venetian's V Bar enjoying a nice drink and talking about our plan of attack. The group from DP were testing out a promo DC for a new movie due to come out later called Pirates, starring Jesse Jane and Carmen Luvana. What was interesting is these are both contract stars from different houses. Jesse is with Digital and Carmen Luvana is the face of Adam & Eve. This joint venture looked - from what I could see of the fast-paced promo - like it was planning on being a rip-roaring adventure, and the poster for it was, well, good lord, it was HOT.

But that wasn't all. I was fortunate enough to get interviews with three of the hottest names in the Digital Playground stable: Jesse Jane, newest contract star Teagan Presley, and Director Robby D of the Jack series. We're going to break it down for you, and this week, you can hear from Teagan Presley and Robby D. In the next issue, you can hear what Jesse Jane had to say, as well as read a review of one of the vids they gave me, Island Fever 3.

Firstly, I met Teagan. She's a pretty young thing at 20, born in 1985. Teagan's measurements are 34-24-33. She has blue-green eyes, is a dark blonde who stands at 5'1", and weighs a mere 102lbs. For you men out there, this means you could lift her up and manage some awesome positions without straining!

Teagan is the newest contract star with Digital Playground. She performed her first adult video in January of 2004. She loved it so much that she went on to make 40 movies in just 8 months. Teagan's first feature film alongside Jesse Jane was scheduled for release in December and Teagan Presley: Erotique will hit the streets in January 2005.

I met Teagan in the midst of a very frenetic atmosphere in the Digital Playground booth, but she was sweet and patient and did her best to give me her complete attention despite the crazed atmosphere of all the reporters vying for a moment with these luscious stars.

Eros Zine: Teagan, congratulations on your contract status with Digital. It sounds like it's a fantastic opportunity for you.

Teagan Presley: Yes, it gives me more of an opportunity to interact with the fans, which is something I love. Although I've done 40 movies with other companies, I have since completed 4 titles with Digital Playground. They definitely have given me more of an opportunity to be involved with all aspects of the work I do for them.

Eros Zine: Such as?

Teagan Presley: Well, I want to eventually be more involved with the casting of the features I am in. That's an important aspect of the business for me. I would also like to have more input on the atmosphere of the movies I do. I love the features, especially the artistry and the make-up. I like the Erotique lines especially because of the innate sensuality they offer in their scenes.

Eros Zine: What else is it that you enjoy about working with Digital?

Teagan Presley: I like the scenes that are more artistic, and the more hardcore scenes with guys.

Eros Zine: Those definitely seem like positive benefits.

Teagan Presley: Yes. What I really like about working with Digital Playground is the wide reach into a larger fan base (more women and couples), being involved with my website and having involvement with a toy line that carries my name.

Eros Zine: Yes, it seems like Digital Playground has come to an agreement with California Exotics to create toys that carry the name of the DP stars. How involved in that process are you?

Teagan Presley: I am very active in the toy line. I get to test and choose all the toys that I would like to have my name associated with. My favorite toy right now is a pocket rocket. I even used it on the airplane on the way to this Expo!

Eros Zine: Now that's dedication!

Teagan Presley: (laughs) I'll say. You could barely hear it over the sound of the engine.

Eros Zine: How did you first begin to get involved with the adult entertainment industry?

Teagan Presley: Well, as you probably read from my press release, I studied ballet for a long time. (NOTE: She began training in gymnastics and dance at the age of 7.)

Eros Zine: I was wondering why you would choose to leave that career, since it seemed like you were doing so well. You actually danced with the Joffrey Ballet, and the American Ballet Theater. You also represented the United States at dance and gymnastic events in Germany and Denmark. Why would you give up something that you seem to have given so much of your life training for?

Teagan Presley: To be honest, I didn't have the heart to follow it any more. I loved it, but I really got involved with it more for my parents. I found myself more attracted to jazz and hip-hop, but it wasn't something to make an easy transition to once you're so well known for classical ballet.

Eros Zine: So why move into adult entertainment? Not that it was a bad choice, we're just curious about the extreme change.

Teagan Presley: Well, it's kind of funny. I lost my virginity at 17 with my boyfriend. When he and I moved in together, he kind of didn't carry his load, so to speak. He didn't bring in any money to help us support our life, and so I began dancing and stripping to begin to bring in some extra cash. He was pissed, and so was I. To piss him off even more, I got on the net and found myself a triple-X agent.

Eros Zine: Pretty daring, as there can be some definite creeps out there ready to take advantage of women.

Teagan Presley: True, but I was determined. I was getting back at the ex. He told me I would never amount to anything, he called me a whore; it got pretty bad. But I was determined to show him that I could do it. And the fact that he treated me like crap just made me more determined.

Eros Zine: I think we can all sympathize with that "Tell me I can't, and I prove to you I can" scenario. I've been in that position myself. But, how did your family take to your new chosen profession?

Teagan Presley: My parents were very supportive, actually. Their feeling was better to have me in the family than out, know what I mean?

Eros Zine: Exactly. What are the things you hope to do as your career progresses in this area?

Teagan Presley: Well, I hope to learn the makeup aspect of things, I would like to learn to direct - I think there will be time in my career to learn both of these important things. I want to learn editing and to be more involved in all aspects.

Eros Zine: Do you see yourself as having longevity in this field?

Teagan Presley: I go through phases - sometimes yes, sometimes no. I do know that I always want to be involved in the industry in some fashion, like in production management or running my own agency. Just thoughts on the future.

Eros Zine: They sound like worthwhile dreams, and ones easily within your reach. Now, a perhaps uncomfortable question - did you vote in this last election?

Teagan Presley: Yes, I did, as a matter of fact. I think if Ashcroft and his guys succeed, it will set us back - as women, and everyone as sexual creatures. Restricting pornography is just wrong, in my opinion. It serves a need.

Eros Zine: Thanks, Teagan. We wish you the best of luck in your new contract endeavor.

In our next publication, read my interview with Digital Playground director Robby D followed by a talk with Jesse Jane and a video review!
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