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   House of the Rising Sun
  There is a house in New Orleans
Call it the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin
Of many a poor girl
And me, oh Lord, I'm one

If I'd listened what my mama said
Be at home today
Bein' so young
And foolish, my Lord
Let a gambler lead me astray

My mother was a tailor
Sews new blue jeans
My sweetheart's is a drunkarad, Lord
Drinks down in New Orleans

Go tell my baby sister
Never do what I have done
Shun that house in New Orleans
They call it the Rising Sun

Goin' back to New Orleans
Race is almost run
Goin' back to spend my life
Beneath, beneath, beneath, oh Lord
Beneath, oh now
Beneath the rising, rising sun
Now, now

You come on bye
  Recording session unknown
    LP 1978 Pure Gold/Nina Simone RCA FNL7250 [3:55]
    LP 1989 Laser Plus 22 RCA ND 90324 [3:55]
    CD 1993 Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me Double Play GRF022 [7:00]
    CD 1994 The Tomato Collection Tomato R2 71712 [6:54]
    CD 1994 Ne Me Quitte Pas RCA 74321196582 [3:55]
    CD 1998 Forever Classic MasterMusic 0391
  Recording live session 1961 Apr., New York, Village Gate -- (LP At Village Gate)
    LP 1962 At The Village Gate Colpix CP/SCP 421 [0:03]
    CD 1989 The Story Dejavu DVRECD 15 [0:10]
    CD 1991 At The Village Gate Roulette CDP 7950582 [0:03]
    CD 1992 The Best Of The Colpix Years Roulette CDP 7985842 [4:26]
    CD 1996 Anthology, The Colpix Years Rhino R2 72567
    CD 1998 At Newport, Village and Elsewhere West Side WESD 210 [4:34]
  Recording studio session 1966 Dec. 19 - 1967 Jan. 5, New York -- (LP Sings the Blues)
    LP 1967 Sings the Blues RCA LPM/LPS 3789 [0:52]
    CD 1988 Reflections RCA CD 90226 [0:55]
    CD 1990 51 Great Jazz Performances That's Jazz TJ401 [3:49]
    CD 1991 The Blues Novus 3101-2-N [3:50]
    CD 1993 Sings the Blues RCA BVCJ-1006 [3:52]
  Recording live session 1968, Paris, Olympia?
    CD 0000 But Beautiful 290094 [6:57]
    LP 1972 Right On Vogue SLDRK 836 [0:11]
    LP 1975 The Great Show Live in Paris Festival [6:55]
    LP 1977 Live in Europe Trip TLP-8020(2) [6:55]
    CD 1988 The Great Show Live in Paris Accord 401672 [6:55]
    CD 1988 Ne Me Quitte Pas Mode 670030 [0:11]
    CD 1990 51 Great Jazz Performances That's Jazz TJ401 [7:03]
  Recording live session 1968 Jun. 16, Montreux, Second Jazz Festival
   Never issued, as far as I known
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