If we had a Euro for every time we've been asked "What is Zippy?" we'd have £5.60 at current exchange rates. Zippy is, according to official sources, a 'Unique'. A unique what exactly, has never been fully explained. Suggestions have ranged from a frog, a snake, a hamburger to a space alien, even an S&M accessory (not to be confused with M&S where Geoffrey got most of his trendy 1970's tank tops and sweaters).

Always loud, brash and the naughtiest of the Rainbow household, Zippy often ended up down in the dumps, head in hand with an anguished cry of "It's not fair!". Occasionally, and this didn't happen as often as we would like to remember, he would endure the ultimate sanction of being zipped up. Though why he could never just un-zip himself remains another unexplained mystery.

Zippy symbolises the 1980's Child of the Thatcher Generation, the have now and pay the consequences later. If you like, having his cake, sausages, bread 'n jam and eating it. If we'd only followed George's careful example and saved our pennies for a rainy day...

Character Most Likely To: Enter UK politics and despite numerous allegations of sleaze and corruption become the greatest leader of our country since President Blair.

Zippy Sounds

I Am Zippy (76KB)

Fantasticola (60KB)

PaaBaa!! (33KB)

Presactly (65KB)

Big Red One (65KB)

Music (103KB)

What? (30KB)

Not Fair! (69KB)

Sausages (108KB)

Updated March 19th, 2002.