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Monday, November 13, 2006
3.07 Episode Clips + Gallery, Info & Fans updates
First things first, here are the clips from last Thursday's episode:-

Episode 3.07 - Where The Boys Are

I've also added more pictures of Isaiah at the People's Choice Awards Nomination event:-

Award Shows > 2006 > People's Choice Awards Nominations (+10)

Also, thanks to Beatrice And Hanna, we've got the Swedish and Malaysian airing times for Grey's Anatomy:-

Grey's Anatomy Airing Times

Lastly, the following interaction has been updated:-

Dear Shonda

Those are all, enjoy the updates!

-- Thanks to staff member, Electra for the episode clips.
-- Thanks to Alicia for the additional pictures of the PCA Nomination.
Posted by Sheeda | Comments (2)
Saturday, November 11, 2006
Media, Gallery & Info updates + New affiliates + Interactions updated
I've uploaded the promos for episodes 3.07 and 3.08 to the server:-

Episode 3.07 Promo (+1)
Episode 3.08 Promo (1)

I've added more gorgeous photos of Sandra from this year's Emmy awards to the gallery:-

Award Shows > 2006 > The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (+12)

I've also uploaded candid photos of Isaiah in Los Angeles, CA on October 22, 2006:-

Candids > 2006 > 10/22 - Los Angeles, CA (2)

Moving on, thanks to Heidi, we've got the Norwegian airing time for Grey's Anatomy:-

Grey's Anatomy Airing Times

Let's also welcome our new affiliates:-

Elevator Love [Derek & Meredith - "Grey's Anatomy"]
Epic Love [Veronica & Logan - "Veronica Mars"]

The following interactions have been updated as well:-

Caption That!
Dear Shonda

It's great that we are getting the first few entries for Dear Shonda. Keep your submissions coming!

Those are all, enjoy the updates and be sure to give our new affiliates a visit or two!

-- Thanks to Grey's Media for the episode promos.
-- Thanks to Alicia for the Isaiah sighting and the Emmy pictures.
Posted by Sheeda | Comments (7)
Monday, November 6, 2006
Gallery update + Press archive updated + New affiliates
Candid photos of the following Sandra sightings have been uploaded to the gallery:-

Candids > 2006 > 10/21 - Los Angeles, CA (+2)
Candids > 2006 > 10/20 - Los Angeles, CA (4)

I've added pictures to the following photoshoots' albums as well:-

Professional Shots > Sandra Oh > Jerome Deperlinghi (1)
Professional Shots > Sandra Oh > Yoram Kahana (8)
Professional Shots > Sandra Oh > Unknown Photoshoot #7 (1)
Professional Shots > Sandra Oh > unknown Photoshoot #8 (3)

Moving on to the press update, I've added a couple of recent Isaiah articles:-

'Choice' Chooses Washington
Grey's Anatomy Star Cancels Talk Show Appearance
Grey's Anatomy Star Is Staying Put
Grey's Anatomy Star Sorry For Scuffle

We've also got new affiliates:-

Daydreaming [Multi-fandom fansite]
Kelly Rowan Online [Kelly Rowan]

Before I go, I would like to encourage submissions for the following interactions:-

Caption That!
Dear Shonda
Just One
Rate The Outfit

Keep your submissions coming!

Those are all, enjoy the updates and be sure to give our new affiliates a visit or two!

-- Thanks to Alicia for the pictures of the sightings.
Posted by Sheeda | Comments (7)
Monday, November 6, 2006
Let The Angels Commit
Check out the latest recap by Tvchickelsie for Let The Angels Commit. This was a great episode for Bang so read the recap to see what your favorite and not-so favorite characters were up to.

Details > Grey's Anatomy > Episode Recaps

Posted by Shawne | Comments (1)
Saturday, November 4, 2006
Media & Gallery updates
Yes, I have updates!

Before anything else, thanks to staff member, Electra, we have the clips from last Thursday's episode uploaded:-

Episode 3.06 - Let The Angels Commit (15)

I've also uploaded the promo for episode 3.07 to the server:-

Episode 3.07 Promo (1)

Moving on to the gallery update, I've added pictures to the following albums:-

Candids > 2006 > Unknown Sighting #1 (2)
Candids > 2006 > 10/01 - West Hollywood, CA (+1)
Award Shows > 2006 > 58th Annual Emmy Nominees Party (+4)

Those are all, have a nice day!

-- Thanks to Grey's Media for the episode promo.
-- Thanks to staff member, Vella for the photos of the unknown sighting.
-- Thanks to Alicia for the West Hollywood sighting and Emmy party pictures.
Posted by Sheeda | Comments (3)

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