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Minnesota Fringe

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The Daily Fringe

The Daily Fringe Issue #9 for Sunday... Thanks for everything

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CLOSING-NIGHT PARTY: Get one last hurrah from the '06 Fringe on Sunday, Aug. 13 at Joe's Garage

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New to Fringe?

If this is your first Fringe, get the lowdown on tickets, passes, transportation and more in our guide for newcomers


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Fringe Encore

NEW IN 2006 Miss a show because of a sell-out? Fear not! The most popular shows at each venue will be given special runs on closing Sunday. The shows will be announced the morning of Sunday, August 13.

How to Fringe

WELCOME TO THE MINNESOTA FRINGE FESTIVAL! Now in our 13th year, Fringe is an annual celebration of theater, dance, improv, puppetry, kids’ shows, visual art, musicals and much more. Over 11 days, 164 companies from throughout North America put on 876 performances at 23 Minneapolis venues in the largest non-juried performing arts festival in the United States. Nothing you’ll see has been selected, reviewed or censored—it’s the biggest chance anywhere for adventurous audiences to connect with adventurous artists. Plus, you can check out the work of 10 Minnesota visual artists in the Visible Fringe, delve into our online community at and join fellow Fringers face-to-face every night of the festival for a Fringe Nightcap.

Minnesota Fringe in five steps

If this is your first Fringe (or if you need a refresher course), here’s how to make the most of the festival:

1. Get your hands on the printed program, available in the August 2 issue of City Pages or at any Fringe venue. Or stay online and browse the schedule or use our handy search tool to find a show you’d like to see.

2. Find performance times and locate the venue.

3. Go to the show, purchase your admission button and ticket and say, “This is my first Fringe. What should I see?”

4. Enjoy talking to your new friends. Then enjoy the show.

5. Repeat as needed. All shows are 60 minutes or less (except at Bryant-Lake Bowl where the shows are 75 minutes so you can have some food). Shows run back-to-back with 30 minutes between to allow for travel or chatting between shows. See as many as you like; we'll make more!

Make sure to compare notes with your fellow fans. (Chatting is the best way to catch the buzz.)

REMEMBER: If you have a question, ask anyone wearing a red Fringe T-shirt. (They’re staff members and are very friendly.)