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Outstanding Drama Series - Hill Street Blues (NBC)
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series - Tom Selleck, Magnum, P.I.
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - Tyne Daly, Cagney and Lacey
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Bruce Weitz, Hill Street Blues
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - Alfre Woodard, Hill Street Blues : �Doris in Wonderland�
Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series - Corey Allen, Hill Street Blues : �Goodbye, Mr. Scripps�
Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - John Ford Noonan, teleplay; John Masius and Tom Fontana, story, St. Elsewhere : �The Women�
Outstanding Drama/Comedy Special - An ABC Theatre Presentation: Something About Amelia (ABC)
Outstanding Comedy Series - Cheers (NBC)
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series - John Ritter, Three's Company
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Jane Curtin, Kate and Allie
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series - Pat Harrington, Jr., One Day at a Time
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - Rhea Perlman, Cheers
Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series - Bill Persky, Kate and Allie : �A Very Loud Family�
Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series - David Angell, Cheers : �Old Flames�
Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Program The 6th Annual Kennedy Center Honors - A Celebration of the Performing Arts (CBS)
Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program - Cloris Leachman, Screen Actors Guild 50th Anniversary Celebration
Outstanding Directing in a Variety or Music Program - Dwight Hemion, Here's Television Entertainment
Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program - Steve O'Donnell, Gerard Mulligan, Sanford Frank, Joseph E. Toplyn, Christopher Elliott, Matt Wickline, Jeff Martin, Ted Greenberg, David Yazbek, Merrill Markoe and David Letterman, Late Night With David Letterman, Show #312
Outstanding Limited Series - American Playhouse: Concealed Enemies (PBS)
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Special - Laurence Olivier, Laurence Olivier's King Lear
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Special - Jane Fonda, An ABC Theatre Presentation: The Dollmaker
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Special - Art Carney, An ITT Theatre Special: Terrible Joe Moran
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Special - Roxana Zal, An ABC Theatre Presentation: Something About Amelia
Outstanding Directing in a Limited Series or a Special - Jeff Bleckner, American Playhouse: Concealed Enemies, Part 3 - Investigation
Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series or a Special - William Hanley, An ABC Theatre Presentation: Something About Amelia
Outstanding Informational Series - A Walk Through the 20th Century With Bill Moyers (PBS)
Outstanding Informational Special - America Remembers John F. Kennedy (Syndicated)
Outstanding Children's Program (Prime Time) - He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin' (NBC)
Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series (Daytime) - Captain Kangaroo (CBS)
Outstanding Children's Entertainment Special - ABC Afterschool Special: The Great Love Experiment (ABC)
Outstanding Children's Informational/Instructional Special - Dead Wrong: The John Evans Story (CBS)
Outstanding Children's Informational/Instructional Programming, Short Form - Just Another Stupid Kid (Syndicated)
Outstanding Children's Informational/Instructional Programming - The ABC Weekend Special - (ABC)
Outstanding Animated Program (Prime Time) - Garfield on the Town (CBS)
Outstanding Game or Audience Participation Show - The $25,000 Pyramid (CBS)
Outstanding Talk or Service Series - Woman to Woman (Syndicated)

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