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Heaven can wait [free to view]
18th October, 2004 Peter Stanford
Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way Karol Wojtyla Jonathan Cape, 230pp, £10.99 ISBN

A bit of a dud [free to view]
28th June, 2004 Peter Stanford
Know the Truth: a memoir George Carey HarperCollins, 468pp, £25 ISBN 0007120303

Don't let the neighbours find out
21st June, 2004 Peter Stanford
How do you reform sex offenders? Can they be reformed at all? Shirl Marshall thinks they can and her methods are simple: food and hugs. Peter Stanford reports

The runaway nun [free to view]
5th April, 2004 Peter Stanford
The Spiral Staircase: a memoir Karen Armstrong HarperCollins, 342pp, £20 ISBN 0007122284

Clerical errors [free to view]
16th February, 2004 Peter Stanford
Priests: a calling in crisis Andrew M Greeley University of Chicago Press, 156pp, £13.50 ISBN 0226306445

Catholic guilt [free to view]
13th October, 2003 Peter Stanford
Fatal Silence: the pope, the resistance and the German occupation of Rome Robert Katz Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 448pp, £20 ISBN 0297846612

A strange kind of morality
10th March, 2003 Peter Stanford
At the UN, Angola's vote is courted by the west. But should it not belong in the axis of evil? By Peter Stanford

Knock, knock. Who's there? A dead man's spirit
8th April, 2002 Peter Stanford
Peter Stanford attends a seance and is comforted to find a belief system that does not require us to make the cut at the Pearly Gates

Another time, another Mandy
5th February, 2001 Peter Stanford
We are still fascinated by the Profumo affair, not just because of the cast of characters, but because it symbolised profound change, writes Peter Stanford

We can't just vanish, in a split second, can we?
25th December, 2000 Peter Stanford
NS Christmas - Now science has disposed of miracles, Heaven has become religion's last good selling point. But what exactly is it like? By Peter Stanford


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