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FrozenCPU - Committed to providing high quality, cost effective and complete cooling solutions

PCSpeed Tweaks - Boost your PC systems performance, registry, and modem efficiency

I am Not a Geek - Reviews, news and everything else IT

HardwareForums - New forums for everything Hardware!

HardwareZone - Great large online community for pc hardware reviews

Tweak Monster - A great hardware site by the ol' monster himself!

NitroWare - New Australian site with nice content

OC Club - Generally, a great website. Informative and well done.

OC Force - New Aus o/cing site, sleak and content rich

Game Network - A dedicated site for gaming, so why not pay a visit.

Case Modders Oz - A aussie site that has a nice feel and look, expect some nice mods and reviews to come.

Kanu Hardware - A great site for up to the minute news

CpuPress - Get the latest info on 32bit and 64bit cpu news

Aus3D - A magnificent mega game site, reviews, news and plenty more

Fast Mhz - Frankly, if you own a site like this, words can't explain it's greatness.

GideonTech - A great site covering case mods, tweaking and all round How-to's, a must for all.

Club Overclocker - This is a true o/c site. If you o/c, then they have it all!

TechPhiles - A magnificent site from the UK. Visit it, and never look back!

TheTechZone - The best place for the hardware fans among us

3d Game Gear - This is a fantastic site, and every aspect reflect this

Anandtech - If its hardware news and reviews your after, then this is the site

Little White Dog - A very strong hardware site , putting humour in our lives

S3 Planet - Very dedicated S3 site. Makers of S3Tweak!

TweakTown - PC tweak site at their best, a must for everyone

Savage Daily News - If S3 is your fav, then so is this site. A MUST for s3 fans

JSIhardware - Top notch tech site, which covers news, reviews and more.

HardOCP - the muma of all tech sites, cant not go there.

Insane Hardware - A true blue aussie site. And a good tech site too

Hardwarepros - The name says it all, a fantastic site.

Savagezone - S3 tweaking site. And a good one too.

GA-Hardware - If hardware is your thing, than so is Ga-Hardware

Bluesnews - This site has all news covered, that's why their there

Hardware-one . Has great content and full, good reviews.

Riva3d - These guys have the best Nvidia coverage in the industry

Pc news Central - If you need some news in ya, GO HERE : This is one of, if not, the best Australian Tech sites

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