Built for developers.

Who else wants better hosting?

Oversold capacity. Slow performance. Restricted access. Misconfigured software. Who wants better hosting? You do. You’ve got websites, blogs, wikis, forums, business applications, mail servers, open source projects and custom software that needs a home. You see right through the cheap deals and 6-month contracts those other guys offer. You need a company that’s built for people who know what they want. Welcome home.

We’ve got better hosting.

We’re just like you. Sick of oversold, underperforming, greedy hosting companies, we took matters into our own hands. We built a hosting company for people who know their stuff. Give us a box, give us bandwidth, give us performance and we get to work. Quad processor machines, RAID1 drives, Tier-1 bandwidth and root access. Managed with a customized Xen VPS backend to ensure that your resources are protected and guaranteed.

Which Slice is right for you?

Plan RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price
256slice 256MB 10GB 100GB $20 sign up
512slice 512MB 20GB 200GB $38 sign up
1024slice 1024MB 40GB 400GB $70 sign up

No contracts, no setup fees. Upgrade, downgrade, add a slice or remove a slice. Billing is monthly, cancel at anytime.

Included in every Slice:

  • Full root access and rebooting
  • Choice of Linux distro
  • Dedicated IP address and Tier-1 redundant bandwidth
  • RAID1 disk storage
  • Reserved RAM slice
  • Guaranteed CPU slice and more when available
  • 4-processor servers running Xen virtualization instances
  • Slicehost management portal for reboots and software installs
  • Machines running with fixed usage limits, below full capacity
  • Unlimited environments: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Java, Mono and more