December 20th ----------------------------------------------------
Joel Silver recently sat down with the British magazine Empire and gave some hints to the future of THE MATRIX franchise. For the full interview click here. One thing he hints at is an animated prequel to THE MATRIX. Will it happen? Nothing is certain just yet (but there is work being done to make it a reality). He also talks about the official website. Simply put, it's all true, and then some. While most film sites dole out press kits, continues to do more. Whether it be new comic stories by Paul Chadwick or cutting edge FLASH animation by Bill Sienkiewicz or digital video interviews with cast and crew, our focus is on breaking new ground and delivering new content. On the web, there's a lot of empty talk. There's a new breaking technology almost everyday. We'll deliver some of this breaking tech (it is THE MATRIX, after all), but our focus is on delivering the goods, sans empty promises. We're not looking to do anything we haven't already. We're just going to keep going, allowing the site to get bigger. One great fact we can dole out: the history of THE MATRIX is coming. Stick around.

December 8th ----------------------------------------------------
So you want a preview of NEW MATRIX material? Here it is, a sliver of a full color painting by John Van Fleet (TYPHOID, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT). You'll see the whole image, in addition to a ten plus page story he's in the midst of painting, as part of our new content targeting the year 2000, which there will be tons of.

Question is, who is this litle girl and how does she fit into THE MATRIX? New stories, set in the world of THE MATRIX. Year 2000. And it's all free.

November 25th ----------------------------------------------------
Big things are brewing with the future of the online MATRIX comics. Very soon we'll be making an announcement on one of the artists, with a preview of art. Many more announcements are forthcoming, as we're lining up an amazing stable of artists and writers. News as it breaks. For those in the States, Happy turkey day!

November 23rd ----------------------------------------------------
The Matrix screenplay/storyboard book gets stronger by the day. The entire 450 plus pages will have commentary accompanying the boards with all the principle storyboard and conceptual artists, Steve Skroce (X-MAN, SPIDER-MAN), Tani Kunitake (12 MONKEYS, ARMAGEDDON), Geof Darrow (HARD BOILED, BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT), among others, detailing what went into producing the many hundreds of illustrations being presented. An on-line preview is in the works!

November 12th ----------------------------------------------------
The chat went great! If you weren't there, check out the transcript here. Tons of great questions, so many, we've decided to set up a new section of the site, a place for Larry and Andy to answer questions in more depth than the chat allowed. More on this soon...

November 6th ----------------------------------------------------
Tonight might be a good time to get out the questions, as Larry and Andy Wachowski are going to be on-line for a rare chat. So, you want to know about The Matrix? Check it out here.

October 31st ----------------------------------------------------
The screenplay/storyboard book is quickly developing into the largest book of its kind. You can see some of the conceptuals right here at the web site, but for the full impact, the book will feature four massive pull out pages of such things as the Fetus Pods, the Fetus Harvester, and more than one detailed illustrations showing the interior of the Neb! Happy Halloween.

October 23rd ----------------------------------------------------
It's coming... a live chat with Larry and Andy Wachowski.

October 15th ----------------------------------------------------
It might be thought with the release of the DVD, we'd slow down on the updates around here; well, the truth is just the opposite. Expect it to only get more intense. Here are some details on future updates:


A preview of the screenplay book, with text excerpts.


A web-exclusive video interview with Steve Skroce, the principle storyboard artist (to name the first of many).


Desktop pictures. We're currently organizing a large selection of images for a new download page. Some of these images are from the film. Others are new, a selection from the Matrix Archives. We've many gigs worth of material to dole out, with tons of never before seen material. To boot, we'll be offering them up in many sizes. The archive material is a no brainer. We'll be posting these as fast as we can upload. As to shots from the film, we'll toss that to you: what do you want to see on your desktop? The Government Lobby scene? The rooftop sequence? Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, the Doc Bot, Sentinels, Agents, ah, the choices. Suggestions can be given at the forum. We're listening.


A second wave of comics. Details on who the artists and writers are will have to wait a short while, but this second wave of comics is on the way. The strength of the first wave will continue with some wonderful surprises from yet more comic industry leaders. And again, it'll be free. Yeah, that's right. Free.


Plus, loads more.


Oh yeah. Code=Carrie


More soon...

October 10th ----------------------------------------------------
Details on the screenplay/storyboard book. As we already outlined, the book is big. Over three hundred pages of Steve Skroce storyboards, for starters. Steve recently sat down for what will be a running commentary of his illustrations, done very much in the spirit of a DVD commentary track. Well, it came together even better than we could have hoped. It's loaded with insights into the production. We're also including an introduction by the editor, Zach Staenberg. Other voices will be heard. More soon.

October 1st ----------------------------------------------------
The DVD release of the film is breaking all records. The first week saw more than 800,000 discs sold.

September 26th ----------------------------------------------------
Breaking news on the script/storyboard book. A few cool things are being done specifically for this book, one being commentary by Steve Skroce, the principle storyboard artist. More is planned. This is a big book with tons of never before seen material. It's something to look forward to.

September 15th ---------------------------------------------------- has officially launched. Check it out here.

September 11th ----------------------------------------------------
We can confirm the rumors: a script book, which will include all the storyboards (three hundred plus), is in the works. Steve Skroce, Geof Darrow, and the entire script, in full. Currently being designed, there's no firm date for release, but this is the place to find out breaking news on this five hundred page book.

September 3rd ----------------------------------------------------
We're fast approaching the release of The Matrix on DVD. Many sites around the internet are already reviewing the disc, which is crammed with content. Commentary tracks, documentary, storyboards, this entire website--sans a few elements and post June updates--and tons more. The disc is anamorphic (for those with widescreen TV's), in its original aspect ratio. If you've been on the fence about getting a DVD player, this is the disc to push you over the edge. We'll have more details on the disc in the near future. In the meantime, search the web for advance reviews, and look forward to Sept. 21st.

August 27th ----------------------------------------------------
We're continuing to keep this place alive with fresh content. We're about to launch a new site: Since the launch of, we've had a large amount of material hidden, accessible exclusively by code. While this content remains code-only, we've decided it's time to break this content out. Kind of. As we're not going to take away the hard won joy some fans have experienced by finding codes scattered throughout the site. There are many more codes than those we're revealing at more on the way. Keep a sharp eye, as some of this planned content includes original drawings by Larry and Andy Wachowski, sketches from preproduction that they drew inorder to give Steve Skroce a starting point for his amazing storyboards (already found, in part, here).

August 23rd ----------------------------------------------------
Many of the artists involved in The Matrix comics were recently in attendance at the annual San Diego comic con, the largest convention of its kind. Geof Darrow, Paul Chadwick, Bill Sienkiewicz, to name a few. As interesting, the con was a place to talk to yet more artists for a potential second round of stories. Put bluntly, the interest from the comic book community is overwhelming. No official word on who we're talking to yet, but the future of Matrix comics is something to watch. Expect surprises. Needless to say, we're excited. More news as it breaks.

August 14th ----------------------------------------------------
Next month's Wizard magazine, a publication targeting the world of comics, features a two page spread of art and details about The Matrix comics. But then, if you're reading this, you're at the source. We're planning big things over the next few months. More stories from the Wachowski Brothers, Darrow, Chadwick, McKeever, plus a load of new faces. Details on this soon.

July 27th ----------------------------------------------------
The site is preparing for the deluge of new hits about to come our way from Japan, where the film opens shortly. We've been in touch with a few Japanese artists recently (a hint at the direction some of the new comic stories might be going), and through them have learned the buzz on the film is so strong in Japan, many have scheduled trips to the states specifically to catch The Matrix a little early. Now they're equally excited about seeing it a second time.

June 28th ----------------------------------------------------
The film was a huge success in Iceland this weekend, where because of advance buzz, the film ran forty eight hours straight. The passion for the film is huge there. One Icelander, Halldor Jonsson, so taken with the film, committed to seeing twelve showings in a row and has become kind of celeb, interviewed for TV and print. He was easy to spot at shows, wearing a Matrix baseball cap and T-shirt (given to him by a local radio station, along with a free meal). "This is the film of the decade," he is quoted as saying. "...until the next Matrix film." With such enthusiasm, we're adding to his take by sending him a free bunch o' stuff, including buttons, postcards, and a bundle of Matrix comics.

June 21st ----------------------------------------------------
Another week, another slew of world premieres. This Friday Welcomes new fans from Portugal, Spain and Iceland. If you're from one of these locales, seeing the film for the first time, give us a shout in the forum.

June 16th ----------------------------------------------------
Friday marks the release of THE MATRIX in France, where Larry and Andy Wachowski are giving an opening introduction to a premiere audience. We've chosen this day to post the first story by the directors in the comic book section. Fitting, considering the artist, Geof Darrow (who also did conceptual designs for the film), lives in France. For those who have been asking for some background, some history, this story is the answer: straight from the Zion Archives themselves.

June 8th ----------------------------------------------------
With the film opening in the UK on Friday, THE MATRIX is on top everywhere in London. The side of double decker buses, the cover of seemingly every magazine (TIME OUT, EMPIRE, FILM REVIEW, among others), even at London clubs (where MATRIX posters and buttons were being handed out at THE SCALA this past Saturday night). TOTAL FILM cites THE MATRIX as their pick of the month, giving five stars to only three films currently in release: CITIZEN KANE (re-release), TOUCH OF EVIL (re-release, re-edit), and... THE MATRIX. What better time than now to release the web-side exclusive of Larry and Andy Wachowski's comic book story, BITS AND PIECES. Look for it next week.

May 25th ----------------------------------------------------
As we did with the Manex story, here's a preview of the next story written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, illustrated by Geof Darrow. You'll get a closer look in June.

May 19th ----------------------------------------------------
Response to the Manex story has been great. We're hard at work to bring you the next story. Look for it in early June.

May 7th ----------------------------------------------------
With the recent addition of the Manex story, the next nugget we're looking forward to posting is the one written by the directors themselves, and drawn by conceptual artist Geof Darrow. The art for the first part is in and currently getting a script polish by Larry and Andy. The history of the Matrix is explored in this first of a four part story. On-line soon.

May 5th ----------------------------------------------------
It's here... the story from the VFX crew at Manex. This seventeen page (yes, we added a couple of pages) extravaganza is on-line now.

April 23rd ----------------------------------------------------

John Gaeta and company have just turned in the bulk of art for their fifteen page story! In Early May, look for a link from the front page or, if you've bookmarked this page, check back here. The Fetus Fields are shown in all their glory, as are the Harvesters. You wanted more of THE MATRIX. We're set to deliver!

April 21st ----------------------------------------------------
You've seen references to it on the web and read about it in place such as Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter.

It's all true.

Larry and Andy Wachowski have written a four part story set in THE MATRIX. All four parts will be drawn by Geof Darrow (who did all the conceptuals for the film). Check out his conceptuals in the behind the scenes section of the website and then run out and pick up HARD BOILED at your local comic shop. The first part is insanely cool, to be posted shortly.

April 9th ----------------------------------------------------
Above is a preview of the first comic book story set in the REAL WORLD, illustrated by the Manex VFX crew (including Grant Niesner, who brought life to the Doc-Bot) and written by John Gaeta, visual effects supervisor of the MATRIX (check out the VFX section of the website for more info, especially the interview with John about the cutting edge visual effects used in the making of THE MATRIX).

So, you want to know more about how humans are bred in THE MATRIX? Get ready to meet, up close and personal,the Fetus Harvesters.


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