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Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge was established in August 2000, to protect breeding habitat for threatened western snowy plover, California red-legged frog, and the endangered California least tern. The Refuge is also home to a variety of wildlife including deer; black bear; bobcats, and the occasional mountain lion. Many migratory birds traveling along the Pacific Flyway stop over at the Refuge including the endangered California brown pelican. Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge provides protected habitat for more than 16 species of rare or endangered, or sparsely distributed plants.
Western snowy plover photo P Knapp
pelicans flying over dunes Photo USFWS D Stockton
Western snowy plover
California brown pelicans
Sand verbena photo USFWS D Stockton
Giant coreopsis Photo USFWS D Stockton
Sand verbena
Giant coreopsis
Marsh area Photo USFWS D Stockton
Refuge wetlands provide habitat for the California red-legged frog
Shell midden Photo USFWS D Stockton
Dune mint. Photo USFWS D Stockton
Dune mint
Chumash shell midden