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Cool World 

Cool World

Composer : Mark Isham

Conductor : Allan Wilson

Producer : Mark Isham

Performed by : The Munich Symphony Orchestra

Label / No. : Varèse Sarabande VSD-5382

Year of release : 1992

Total duration : 59:21


Reviewed by: Mikael Carlsson

Forget the awful film, the soundtrack by Mark Isham is so much better on its own! The approach behind this score is quite evident: orchestral, playful music for the cartoon world, jazz for reality and drum and bass/techno for the erotic club milieus. This is without doubt one of Isham's most entertaining soundtracks, and to date his most freaked-out. To blend those Enigma-styled dance rhythms with the hilarious sound of a "Tex Avery orchestra" is a bold, refreshing and wonderfully imaginative approach. Some of the music may remind the listener of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but the orchestral style is even more energetic and some of the action cues in the score are truly amazing. Some listeners may be annoyed by the multiple styles presented, but in my opinion it works extraordinarily well and I'm very impressed by it. As I said, a horrible film with a wonderful soundtrack - and almost an hour long.

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