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The Buzz
"this is a cool game because you can hit cars. "
- bear from California

"getting chased by the cops"
- malik hicks from North Carolina

"This game rules!!!! Never a better game. Best playing four player at friends. We are addicted to this game. We play 7 events and always end it with Gauntlet. It's a tradition. WE WANT A SEQUEL!!!! MANY MORE EVE OF DESTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE THIS GAME BUY IT. IT JUST PLAIN ROCKS!!!! BEST FOUR PLAYER GAME EVER, NOT TO MENTION BEST DRIVING GAME!! I CAN SAY THAT BECAUSE THIS GAME IS THAT GOOD, YOU DON'T EVER GET TIRED OF THIS GAME!!! LOTS OF EVENTS LOTS OF GREAT CAR SMASHING FUN!!!"
- Rick from Ohio

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Test Drive®: Eve Of Destruction
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  Home > Platform: Xbox® > Genre: Driving > Test Drive®: Eve Of Destruction

 Our Price:
Mild Lyrics
Mild Violence
Simulated Gambling

Xbox®, PlayStation®2
Monster Games
1-4 Player
Straight from the small-town tracks across America, it's fender-flattening mayhem where being the fastest doesn�t guarantee you a checkered flag. From outrageous Demolition Derbies to head-on Suicide Races, you've gotta dish out the dents to survive. Brace yourself for a total free-for-all!
  • Experience unfettered no-rules competition based on real-life extreme racing events.
  • Unlock real Eve of Destruction video footage, inspiration for the game.
  • Rip through the �car-nage� in 25 insane events!
  • Wreak havoc in over 30 vehicles including cars, buses, hearses and ambulances!
  • Take on single races, a career and split-screen multiplayer races!
  • Jam out to metal-mangling music!

Featured music:
    • Hoobastank- Out of Control
    • Hoobastank- Same Direction
    • Auto Pilot Off- What I Want
    • Sum 41- Still Waiting
    • Rob Zombie- Never Gonna Stop
    • Thursday- Between Rapture and Rupture
    • Thrice- The Artist and the Ambulance
Test Drive receives an 8.5 from Stuff Magazine
The demolition derby hasn't gotten the kind of street cred a good underground subculture deserves. Enter the world of the greatest redneck sport of them all. (Cockfighting doesn't count anymore due to a lack of viable stadiums. Damn liberals.) Eve of Destruction features 25 competitions based on real-life extreme racing events and provides over 30 vehicles to choose from, ranging from cop cars to hearses to school buses. Saddle up your middle-school principal and make that Bluebird fly.
Test Drive�: Eve of Destruction. � 2004 Atari Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Developed by Monster Games, Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Manufactured and marketed by Atari, Inc., New York, NY. Dolby, Pro Logic, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
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