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How this Game Came to be Made
I'm Masahiro Sakurai of Sora, director of the "Super Smash Bros." series of fighting games featuring Nintendo's most popular characters. Hello.
(Note: Sora is the name of my company.)

When I released Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo GameCube, I ran a detailed and extensive site on the game in Japan called "Smabura-Ken" . (In Japan, "SmaBura" is short for "Smash Bros.") While I would have liked to have done the site in both English and Japanese, it just wasn't possible at the time.

Well, it's been four years since I finished updating "Smabura Ken"!
Who would have thought I'd be writing a new "Smabura Ken" again? Boy, talk about a surprise. But this time, I'm doing it right. With the help of Nintendo of America's Localization group, this new site will be available in both English and Japanese!

That brings us to why I've started this new site. I was recently put in charge of creating a Super Smash Bros. title for Wii. Development started in October 2005. Scheduled for release in 2007. It feels like we've only just begun, but we are hard at work on it.

Just a bit of the game's content was revealed recently at the world's largest games show: the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. So I'd like to make the same images available to all of you.

As for future updates to Smash Bros. Dojo... What should I do? I haven't given it much thought yet.

For now, this is simply a debut. It is not a major launch.
I must first immerse myself in game creation. Maybe then, as the game gets farther along, I might be able do more.

Development is still going to take quite a while, however, so for the moment, I hope you'll enjoy this and be patient.

Masahiro Sakurai    5/11/2006

Additional Comments:
I'm sorry to say that I have to temporarily stop updating this website as of June, 2006.

When Super Smash Bros. Brawl is completed sometime in 2007, I plan to post more information for you. For right now, though, I need to focus on the development of the actual game.
Of course, if anything newsworthy comes up, I may decide to post some special notices...

Meanwhile, though, I'll just do my best to complete the game.

Masahiro Sakurai
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