Welcome to Here you will find my projects that I've started, hopefully most of them are still active. The majority of projects revolve around Web Development and writing apps based around WINGs, the widget set of Window Maker.
TBRP   The Black Raven Partnership is an umbrella group for some aspiring actors based in London. My input to this project is to develop and maintain their website. The site contains information pertaining to the groups' productions and future directions. Aidan is your reading this, you need to send me more info. is the premier source of motor rallying news in Ireland. I hacked an early version of phpSlash to provide the backend to the site. In the coming weeks and months I plan on adding custom user accounts, better report functionality and whatever is requested.   FSViewer is a NeXT FileViewer lookalike for Window Maker. Viewing is currently supported via browser mode and list mode. An icon view is in production. It has been written in C using the WINGs library from Window Maker. You can download the latest version here (and not on csn/skynet) and the associated icons are here.

From what I've learnt over the past year, I know the app is in need of a major rewrite. If you would be interested in helping out, please mail me. is a NeXT lookalike for Window Maker. It has been written in C using the WINGs library from Window Maker. It requires the c-client library which is available as part of the imap package (imap-4.*.tar.Z) from The University of Washington (FTP). The initial dist is here and a small README is available. Screenshot
The End   Thanks go to Ed for hosting the site, to Aidan for letting me steal the name and to everyone that has happened to cross my path in life! For any queries you can contact me at

George Clernon
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