Beth Raines

Romantic Entanglements:

  • Jackson Freemont (dated)
  • Lujack (engaged)
  • Rick Bauer (married and divorced)
  • Neil Everest (lovers and engaged)
  • Phillip Spaulding (married and divorced)
  • Carl Stevens (boyfriend)
  • Ben Warren (lovers)
  • Jim Lemay (lovers)

    Played by:

  • Judi Evans Luciano (1983 to 1986)
  • Beth Chamberlin (1989 to 1991, 1997 to present)

    Significant Relatives:

  • Calla Matthews (aunt)
  • Jesse Matthews (cousin)
  • Elizabeth (Lizzie) Spaulding (daughter, born in 1990)
  • Lillian Raines (mother)


  • Beth was raped by her stepfather, Bradley Raines.
  • Beth was Springfield High School's Class of 1983 Valedictorian.
  • Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander),
    Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary),
    Mindy Lewis (Krista Tesrau),
    and Beth Raines (Judi Evans).

    Phillip Spaulding and
    Beth Raines (Beth Chamberlin).

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