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One Piece™: Pirates' Carnival™

One Piece: Pirates' Carnival features the unique world and characters in the hilariously quirky style of One Piece. Choose from 7 playable wacky pirates and encounter dozens more in this party game with over 30 minigames. Assume the role of a pirate captain and duel against up to 3 friends to take control of territories on your map. Coming Fall 2006 for the Nintendo GameCube™ and PlayStation®2.

  • Classic mini-games with a hilarious twist: Over 30 mini-games, each in the comical, quirky style of One Piece.
  • Dozens of wacky pirates: Choose from 7 playable characters from Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates, and encounter dozens more.
  • Expand your crew and your pirate power: Pick a block on the map, win the mini-game, and conquer the block.
  • Choose your mode: Three game play modes to choose from: Board Game mode, Mini Game Collection mode, and Versus Games mode.

Available Now for PlayStation®2 and Nintendo GameCube™!

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