In the 70's I had a TV show that showed Monster Movies called Dr.ZinGRR in the Seattle Tacoma area--the skits were "live" and every 15 minutes when we broke for spots I'd change costumes and face make up.. and do a parody on the movie we were playing --the movies were oh so bad...but the skits were daring--risque and hip --the characters were ZinGRR himself ( a german white haired bearded scientist) The DreamMaker (who would fly thru the movies flapping his cape --off times sitting on the faces of people driving along in convertibles) Peter Gorre ( a Peter Lorre type --the eyes I made with egg shells and false Eyelashes-and of course the face was pure clown white) Peter is pictured here holding the prize in a monster contest a hand drawn Portrait of Dorian Farfleffer --the Prize winner Jeff Burk sent these 30+ year photos recently with this comment

Glad you enjoyed the stuff I sent. Maybe from time to time there is some benefit to be gained from never throwing anything away! I really enjoyed the days of "Dr. ZinGRR", I'm sure there will never be anything like it again. Interesting to see some of those silly old movies show up on AMC, but no host like the good Doctor! Of course you have my permission to put this up on your site if you wish, let me know if you need a better quality picture, the one I sent was a quicky effort.

Best Regards,
Jeff Burk

Along with the Masked Doily ( a muscled take off of Mexican Wrestlers) Count Lickula ( the worlds oldest whampire --'I gum them on the neck' ) I thank you for saving these pictures all these years this was my most fun ever in producing -writing and -voicing a TV or Radio show.. NOW the legend of Dorian Farfleffer and his pictures !

"The Legend of the Portrait of Dorian Farfleffer" Dorian Farfleffer - a product of Middlesex - which is hard to explain since his parents had never been to England. Dorian was a lonely child, with only his faithful frog, Spot, to keep him company. Together, they hopped through Phys Ed to Biology, where one day Spot mysteriosly disappeared. It was that day Dorian pledged to himself never to be caught up in the day-to-day Vegamatic called "life". That day, he co-signed a loan with the Devil to stay forever young. In exchange, a portrait was taken at Penny's one afternoon, in which Hidden Darkness took on the evil characteristics of Dorian's swinging life. When Dorian swung too hard, the portrait got tired. When he ate too much, the portrait got fat. And when Dorian smoked too much, the portrait burned incense. Dorian's brother, Richard Milhous Farfleffer, and his other brother, Lloyd E. Farfleffer, vice president and general manager in charge of right-wing editorials, never suspected him of photosynthesis. One day, Dorian looked into the greenhouse and there, hidden among the pistil and stamen, was the portrait, making the top ten wretched noises! Noises Dorian had been spared through the years! Panicking, Dorian moved the painting to the Tacoma smelter site so that no one would be the wiser. Dorian Farfleffer - still among us, hiding, hoping that no one will find out his secret. He could be your next door neighbor; and if so, what are those wicked "tooting" sounds made late at night? Have you ever heard of a portrait playing first chair tuba?

Dr. ZinGRR Audio Unearthed
The scene --the Dr. ZinGRR show-- the character-- Peter Gorre ...Using egg shell eyes ..Robo goes on--and as he gets on camera--one Eye falls out--then when showing the portrait of Dorian Farfleffer (read: Fart letter) the sneaky Camera man --shows the lower portion of the picture --which has (as you've seen here) a "fart Bubble" rising from his lower half --when ZinGRR /Robo?Gorre sees that he begins to crack up--when the camera man begins to crack up --we have the funniest audio Laughter in the history of "live" TV --stay with it...it's a wonderful moment captured by Jeff Burk's home tape recorder.

Download MP3 Version

More Dr. ZinGRR Audio
Real Scratchy recording of a ZinGRR Show that actually guest starred in his first Growling TV perfomance -- Horror Film Maker Ron Ford --- This is hard to listen to but It is just a random sample of ZinGRR fooling around and Fumbling his way into "Funny" -- over 30 years old captured by Jeffrey Burk -- who we thank for all this material !

Download MP3 Version

"Here is another great letter --who has way better recall than me--Yes the Peter Gorre character WAS called Film Lore--because my first choice (Peter Gorre) was Too easy--I stand corrected --and overjoyed with this correspondence--"

Robert O.,

What an amazing trip down memory lane! I was in 7th grade and living in Kent, WA for the last season of "Dr. ZinGRR's Projections." I used to diligently record the live spots you did also. I have them on the original cassette tape in storage in Seattle. I currently live in Ohio where I am finishing a fiction book I plan on self publishing and self promoting. The story of how I ended up here would not be of any interest, so I'll gladly skip it!

Anyway, I just did a google search on a crazy whim here in the middle of the night... and imagine my surprise to not only find a Robert O. site, but references to my beloved Dr. ZinGRR! What happened to the 'Projections' part? And how come Alfred Hitchcrock and the bongo playing Freeque are not mentioned? ;)

I've listened to the two mp3's on your site, and I of course laughed my ass off! What a delight to find out what cracked me up back then still does today. Jeff Burk is correct: there will probably never be anything like your show again, unfortunately. I was a little more sophisticated than your average 12 year old, so none of your risqué humor was lost on me. In fact, I consider your show one of the funniest ones I've ever come across to date. I used to laugh until I had tears in my eyes and my stomach was sore.

Thanks again for adding something special to my youth; I'm sure there were many living in the Puget Sound in those days who would certainly feel the same way.

Nicolas Valenzuela

p.s. how about a quote from my memory:

This was as the character 'Film Lorre' (for some reason I've forgotten the Peter 'Gorre' reference):
The rest is kind of foggy in my mind but the Chicken Man was supposed to be upset about the Cold Duck. The last thing you said before the movie was:

"Someone! Someone please call People Delight and cancel this chicken's order!" "Cluck-cluck-cluck!"

AND another one I just remembered (again as the Lorre character):

"And now let us return to tonight's movie, The Incredible Shrinking BLOUSE! ... that's not really the name of it, but it will keep you watching longer."