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Broker's Banquet
(Alternative Tentacles Records)

The Yuppie PricksPunk has always been a left wing, sort of anti-social, anti-government, well, maybe more along the lines of demanding a change in society and government. Either way, you don't hear about many conservatives embracing the messages involved. That was true until a band that entails the name of a type of people that would probably get the shit beat out of them at a punk show came along to provide a bourgeois view of the punk rock mantra. No, this is not Matchbox 20, Counting Crows or the Barenaked Ladies. It's the Yuppie Pricks, a quartet made up of apparently rich motherfuckers who play straightforward, raucous punk rock with the fury of the Sex Pistols, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedy's (hell, vocalist "Trevor Middleton" even sounds like Jello Biafra).

The material here entails the vibe of classics such as "Too Drunk To Fuck," "TV Party," and "Nazi Punks," but it is the lyrics that stand out as the main point of cynicism here. Not really seemingly having a political agenda in mind, it's really the lyrical content that shines with an exposure of this fantasy lifestyle. Tracks like "New Rolls," "Rich Bitch," an ode to the once high-status drug "Coke Party" (we ain't talking about soda and pie here), and a tribute to Governor Arnold with "Hummer In My Hummer" are all performed in what might be tongue in cheek fashion.

This might be a sign of the apocalypse that this lifestyle is glamorized with such aggressive and raw music -- not to mention that Mr. Biafra himself guests on the hip hop spoof "Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Yuppie" -- so where is punk going at this point? Well, it's a neat idea, whether the band in question is really made up of rich guys or not. Nevertheless, it goes beyond gimmick status, especially when it comes to the music -- no whiny pop punk here, just raucous, straight-ahead punk that says, "fuck you" with the snotty arrogance that we all love to hate.


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