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About Us

GLOBIOŽ is a US-based, international nonprofit organization dedicated to giving children a voice in the future by building a first-of-its-kind online childrens community where kids discover the world through sharing. GLOBIO’s mission is to engage children in cross-cultural communication and understanding, inspiring them to protect the diversity of life on earth.

GLOBIO aims to engage 8-12 year old children on how to make respectful, conscious decisions about the planet in which they live and to understand how they can make a difference in environmental quality and biodiversity issues. We deeply believe that children, no matter what nationality, share similar concerns and interests about the world, and that their participation is fundamental to the responsible management of Earth’s limited resources. But children first must understand their place in the global environment and the effects of their actions. GLOBIO combines technology and hands-on learning to demonstrate the essence of cultural and biological diversity – interconnectedness.

GLOBIO brings this critical subject of cultural and biological diversity to children globally via technology—that even ten years ago was not possible. We are building the only child-specific, age-specific, multi-lingual learning community in the world. Our initial resources will be available to over 35 million children in the U.S. and nearly double that worldwide, the first part of which is called Glossopedia.

In addition to becoming better stewards of the earth, participating children will increase their functional skill set, through direct experience using GLOBIO resources, such as Glossopedia and Billabong to investigate, analyze, and communicate with the world’s children about cultural and biological diversity issues. GLOBIO’s activities will encourage learning outside of the classroom, with activities such as BioReporters, and inspire children to play an active role in their own lives, increasing their confidence to engage challenges head on and create societal change. These “GLOBIO kids” will have the single greatest impact on environmental and economic equality of any generation.



Images captured by Gerry Ellis