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HL2: Episode Two, Portal, TF2 all slip

Valve's new instalment of Freeman's adventure now due summer 2007

Valve's Doug Lombardi told CVG today that Half-Life 2: Episode Two's release has slipped from Q1 2007 back to summer 2007. Lombardi told us that the super developer is "now targeting summer 2007" for a release. This obviously affects Team Fortress 2 and Portal, which all form part of mouth-watering Episode Two package.

The title was originally expected to hit at the end of 2006, with Valve confirming back in August it had changed its mind and was instead gunning for Q1 2007, maybe February.

The reason for the further delay to summer 2007 hasn't been given, but we imagine it's simply the case of Episode Two, TF2 and Portal being massive, and requiring extra development time.


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Posted by FuzzMunky
You are both unofficially insane.

Playing Half-life 2 was for me like being inside a thoroughbred action film such as die hard, where in one scene you are left feeling eerily lonesome and in charge of your own fate whilst crawling through air ducts, then in the next scene you feel the oppression of a bounty which hangs over your head and here everything feels beyond your control. Its tension and release in beautiful synergy.

I just don't see how a human being cannot enjoy this.
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