The Relief Globe Company is moving to Hawaii on November 29, 2006.

Take a look at the photographs of the digital raised-relief globes.
They have more exaggeration of mountain heights than most raised-relief globes.
A modern scientific database was used to define the shapes of the globes, which are made from one or two million triangles of plastic.
Please buy a globe and donate it to your local library.
Also, write your congresswoman and senators to stop the warcrimes that Bush is committing against Iraq and Afghanistan.

To buy a globe, click here.

The inventory photos are here.

Land Globe 250x
The Land Globe 250x for $645.

Seafloor Globe 150x
The Seafloor Globe 150x for $725. Look at the Owner's Manual for this globe, without pictures.

Mars Globe 20x
The Mars Globe 20x is sold out. Martian mountains have an exaggeration factor of 20. This means the land elevations were multiplied by 20.

MPEG videos and detailed JPEG images of globes can be downloaded to look at. Also, there is a .avi movie of a spinning Venus Globe simulation.

Earth Globes are described here.

Photographs of the Land Globe 250x are here.

Photographs of the Seafloor Globe 150x are here.

The Relief Globe Company was founded on January 1, 2004 to make plastic globes using the latest land height information. You can read more
about the company.

The geographical information to make the globes is in the public domain. The globes are copyrighted. The sources that were used are
acknowledged here.

The price list can be found here.

Custom globes can be made for oceanographers or geophysicists. That goes for Mars , Venus, the Moon, the Earth, and Saturn.
Also, artistic globes have been designed with a cubist style.

Here is a simulated Venus Globe 150x with clouds covering the lowlands, but clear skies above that.

Two photos are available on the website of The Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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