Richard Saunders

Books by Richard Saunders
(Authored and Co-Authored)

All these books were written in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I think some of them are still to be found, but most would be out of print. I don't even have a copy of each one!

Scholastic Publications
Lothian Publications
  • Eyespy Book of Dinosaur Data
  • Eyespy Book of Magic
  • Eyespy Book of Aussie Action
  • Eyespy Book of Boredom Busters
  • Eyespy Book of Christmas gifts to make
  • Eyespy Book of Animal Disguises
  • Lucky's Book of Favourite Jokes
  • Aussiegami - Down under origami
  • Prehistoric Aussiegami
  • Horrorgami
LineUp Publications
Barnacle Publications
  • Fun with Origami Hats
  • Fun with Origami Boats
  • Fun with Origami Animals
  • Fun with Origami Toys
  • Fun with Origami Masks
  • Fun with Origami Decorations
  • Fun with Origami Planes
  • Fun with Sport Tennis
  • Fun with Sport Surfing
  • Agro's Book of Codes
  • Agro's Book of Jokes
  • Agro's Book of Rhymes
  • Agro's Book of Puzzles
  • Agro's Book of Car Games
  • Agro's Book of Weird Facts
  • Agro's Book of Beach Games
  • Agro's Book of Brain Teasers
  • Fun with Magic - Food Tricks
  • Fun with Magic - Rope Tricks
  • Fun with Magic - Body Tricks
  • Fun with Magic - Paper Tricks

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