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Look at the man on the right. He’s trying to get a close-up view of a constellation, but we give him about two minutes before either his shaky hands or his crunched shoulders give in and his stargazing adventure is interrupted. Now look at the man in the StarSeeker Chair from BigHa. Not only can he stare into the heavens in complete comfort for hours, but he can rotate the motorized chair with a built-in joystick and choose formations of interest with a built-in green laser. Best of all, his StarSeeker chair folds easily so he can take it on camping or hiking trips. Binoculars not included. $1, 950

We love products that mix form and function, and these designer bathroom shelves do just the trick. At first glance, they’re simply fashionable, brushed stainless steel wall boxes with a matching flat shelf. In fact, these pieces are towel warmers from Modular Heating Sales, a maker of high-end radiators that look less like heating elements than works of art. The boxes can be hung at any angle and used along with the hot shelf to dry clothes or simply ensure a chill-free exit from the shower. $1,440

Here’s another product that is so obvious, it should have been invented years ago: Salsa that is only as hot as the user wants it. Here’s how it works: the bottle is divided into two chambers: one contains a nice, mellow sauce, the other is filled with the legendary Dave’s Insanity Sauce, one of the most fiery concoctions ever bottled. Simply twist the cap until the desired ratio of regular-to-scalding is achieved, then pump out an even distribution of your custom-intensity sauce onto the food. Dave – you’re a genius.

Harry Allen has created a wine rack that epitomizes simple, effective design. The New York-based interior and industrial designer calls it The Pile, and as you can see, the concept borders on the obvious. Now you can stack a small collection in a corner without having to find a rack that fits your free space. Thanks to a new manufacturer, distribution is just beginning. At press time, this piece is available at Propeller in San Francisco (555 Hayes St., 415-701-7767 If you can’t make the drive north, just call ’em and they’ll send you one. $170

We rarely feature local musicians in this section, mainly because every dude with a garage band will suddenly send us his new CD – and, frankly, we have enough coasters here in the office already. But when we received a copy of American Infidel, the newest release from Los Altos-based guitar god Ace Andres, we knew an exception had to be made. The album is packed with crunching riffs and distorted hooks, and includes such instant classics as “I Need a Beer” and “Save Me,” which Ace claims he wrote “while watching Terri Schiavo die.” If you like musicians who play fast, loud and unapologetically confrontational rock – Ace is the man.

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