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Call for Papers

The Journal of e-Media Studies announces that we are accepting submissions for publication. The deadline for our inaugural issue is November 15, 2005. Special topic sections of the journal, to include more than one related essay, may be proposed. We intend our inaugural issue to premiere in Spring, 2006.

We are committed to the rapid turnaround of subsequent journal submissions in as practical a means as possible.

Manuscripts can be e-mailed to the editors at, or a CD/DVD version may be mailed to:

Journal of e-Media Studies
Dept. of Film and Television Studies
6194 Wilson Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

JOE-MS is a blind peer-reviewed, on-line journal dedicated to the scholarly study of the history and theory of electronic media, especially Television and New Media.  It is an inter-disciplinary journal, and we welcome submissions across the fields and methodologies that study media and media history.

Our goal is to promote the academic study of electronic media, especially in light of the rise of digital media and the changes in formal and expressive capacities resulting from new configurations of electronic media forms.  We solicit the best new scholarly work on current and historical e-media issues and topics, including work on inter-medial relations to traditionally non-electronic media (such as cinema, theater, and print media).

We welcome essays in traditional textual formats.  We strongly encourage submissions that utilize and develop the features that an on-line journal can afford, in order to realize new analytical and pedagogical practices and strategies.

* The current status does not reflect the final design format to premiere in Spring, 06.