~The Diana Camera~

The Diana camera is a medium format plastic toy camera. They were produced in the 1960's to 1970's in Kowloon, Hong Kong, by the "Great Wall Plastic Company".

Beyond that information, everything is speculation, a mystery really. There were many variations of the Diana camera. The simple fact that they are known as the "Diana Camera" may in fact be a misnomer, but due to the popularity of the one variation known as the "Diana", all variations seem to be grouped under the Diana umbrella.

Because there are so many variations of Diana cameras made by the "Great Wall Plastic Co." it is difficult to use generalities for all Diana variants. But for the large majority, they use 120mm film, they take 4cmx4cm negatives, and they share 2 main build types.

For an all plastic toy camera, they really are amazing for what they are. The photographs they produce are somewhat clear in the center and gradually get fuzzy and vignetting occurs around the edges.

It seems that not any 2 Diana cameras are alike, each being like a fingerprint or a snowflake, unique in of itself.

The Holga camera is not related to the Diana camera in any way besides perhaps in photographic quality.

Collecting and using Diana cameras is a fun hobby on so many levels, and that is why I created this website, for any other Diana lovers out there that are crazy over Diana cameras.