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  • Study: sciatica often heals on its own

    UW back pain specialist Richard Deyo is one of the authors of a new study that found that people with ruptured disks in their lower backs usually recover whether or not they have surgery. Seattle P-I >
  • Cervantes Institute comes to the UW

    A Cervantes Institute opened this fall at the UW, the first on the West Coast and the first at a university. It promises culture from Spain and Latin America, plus online Spanish courses. UWeek >
  • Pursuing renewable energy

    With a potentially huge supply of woody material thinned from Washington forests, the state's pulp and paper mills could become the "biorefining" backbone for turning woody plant material into fuel and other products, a University of Washington professor says. UW News >
  • Wasp study has implications for human society

    A new study suggests that brain and behavior relationships may have changed in a profound way as larger, more complex insect societies evolved from smaller, simpler ones. UW News >

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