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Bullet For My Valentine Interview

Bullet For My Valentine are living the rock 'n' roll dream to the full, having just won Best UK Band at Metal Hammer's Golden Gods awards and being asked personally by Guns N' Roses to support them. But we needed a bit more convincing about their rock credentials so put them up against our Right To Rock test... (click here for part two of the interview)

Are you guys as debauched as all the gossip says or are you good little boys really?
We are naughty and rock ‘n' roll but we do want to be professional sometimes. Basically, if there's a day off the next day we party hard.

What do you get up to on these nights out?
Drink, fight and tip the tour bus upside down.

You've supported Guns N' Roses. Wow! They must have been big influences to you as you were growing up?
Not a big influence but it is a big deal for us. It was just such a privilege that someone like Axl Rose would want us.

They actually requested you guys, didn't they?
MOOSE: Jay just had a baby actually and Axl sent him flowers.

That's shattered his rock rep! Have you met Axl? Does he really throw as many rock star tantrums as everyone thinks?
We've never physically seen it but we still hear stuff. Well, I mean, why not? F*** it, he's the only proper rock star left on the planet. The world needs a rock star.

Well what about that Zidane bloke. He's a footballer and he headbutted that Italian in the World Cup final.
It was amazing. I don't care what happened, whatever that guy said to him to make him do that, that was mint. The best headbutt in the world.

If you were in that position and said offensive stuff about your family would you have done the same?
Yeah, I would have bit his ear off as well [laughs].
MATT: I would have stamped his nuts into his neck.

What would you like to have more of?
Definitely money. I know it's a pretty obvious one but...

Haven't you guys got enough yet?
Not yet [laughs]. Financial security is a very nice thing for anyone to have, no matter what you're doing in your life. It just means you can chill out and relax and not worry about stupid things that the majority of us do have to worry about from day to day.

So would you want excessive amounts of money?
No, just to be comfortable and have what I want when I want it.

Ever had any inappropriate crushes?
Two of the band's best friends, Andy and David, they're identical twins. We grew up with them in school and everything. Their mum was a bit of a super milf, super, super hot. We never told her but all the boys in our group thought she was super, super sexy.

Were you always round her house then?
Of course, trying to catch her in her dressing gown and stuff.

Will the twins be a little shocked if they read this?
Nah, they know it deep down, they know it.

When was the last time you cried?
A few days ago. Jay lost his dad and we were very upset.
MOOSE: I can't remember the last time I cried.
PADGE: Probably when I'm on tour and I've been away for a while.
MOOSE: I get emotional after a couple of Absinthes.
MATT: A couple of bottles, more like.

What do you think of Lostprophets changing their style to a more commercial sound. Would you ever do the same?
We would never do the same, but that's just our personal thing. Without sounding harsh, we're more interested in what our music sounds like than what our f***ing hair looks like. They're a very image-conscious band and that's their thing. They are of no interest to me to be honest [laughs].

Now click here for the second part of the interview.

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