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"Writing carefully, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff fashions elegant science fiction and fantasy with rivets." -- John Vester, "In Silken Steel," Starlog Magazine #221

Hello, my name is Maya and I'm a writer. My newest novel is MR. TWILIGHT. Click the title to go to MR. TWILIGHT info!

My family and friends have tried to break me of this addiction, but without success. I have published bunches of science fiction stories in Analog Science Fiction Magazine (this link will open a bibliography list). I've also had quite a few fantasy and magic realism stories in Amazing Stories, Interzone (a British speculative fiction magazine), Century, and Realms of Fantasy. My fiction has also been anthologized.

You can download copies of some of my published stories from, where I post my work. More information about my novels is below on this page.

In addition to writing original stories, I'm also available to ghostwrite and edit other peoples' work -- fiction or nonfiction. See Maya's Freelance Page for more on this. The page includes online versions of my resume, bibliography, reviews, and a list of literary services I can provide (for a modest fee).

I'm a firm believer in networking. So if you click our Links button in the navigation panel, you'll go to our growing collection of links to other sites.

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NEWS ... NEWS ... NEWS ...

MR. TWILIGHT is out! The novel is a collaboration with Michael Reaves and we'd like to see it become the kick-off book for a MR. TWILIGHT series. More on how YOU can help with that below! Michael is the author of the STAR WARS novel DARTH MAUL: SHADOW HUNTER among many other things, and is currently working on some new Star Wars novels. This man has won Emmies for his television work, boys and girls, so go out and buy this book!

Check out the MR. TWILIGHT series page on this site for more...

My last novel, MAGIC TIME: ANGELFIRE, is now an audio book from Blackstone Publications (October 2004) AND an eBook from HarperCollins. But it's out-of-print in paperback, despite great reviews and the appearance of Book Three on the LA Times bestseller list. If you'd like to lodge a polite complaint about this with HarperCollins, just go to their site...


My first three novels are out of print as mass market paperbacks, but the first , THE MERI, is now available as a trade paper reprint via Sense of Wonder Press. Buy it! Read it! Force me to re-release the next two books! Despite the fact that they're out of print, they continue to show up on fantasy MUST READ lists on My thanks to the creators of those lists.

Book of the Trine

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A new paperback release from DEL REY!


We'd love to see this series continue and YOU CAN HELP.

Here's how:

  1. Buy the book (new please -- authors don't get any credit for the resale of used books).
  2. Read it.
  3. Recommend it to your friends and family -- oh, heck, recommend it to your enemies, too. It'll cheese 'em off that you recommended a book they'll stay up too late to finish. And of course, if you're a member of SFWA, recommend it for a Nebula award while you're about it.
  4. Visit the DEL REY site and ask for more MR. TWILIGHT!

To find out more about this series, click the book cover at left to go to the MR. TWILIGHT page on this site.

Click here to see a promotional video for MR. TWILIGHT!

The Meri

Book One in a trilogy

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THE MERI is back in print!

Sense of Wonder Press has released a trade paperback reprint of my first novel, THE MERI, a Baen original. I designed the cover for the new edition myself.

THE MERI -- Witness to her parent's murder, Meredydd-a-Lagan is taken in by a teacher of the Divine Art and eventually apprenticed to the Meri -- a bridge to the Spirit of the Universe -- but she never forgets her vow of vengeance.

THE MERI was a Locus Magazine Best First Novel nominee, and was included in their Recommended Reading list for 1992.

The Critics said: "...I was pulled into the story and read it in a single sitting." - Science Fiction Chronicle, 1992

"...subtle and well-woven. I read the book in one sitting, drawn in by the strong main character and smoothly flowing story line. ...has an authenticity and passion rare in fantasy religious works. ...engagingly fresh." - Science Fiction Reviews Searchable Database)

"A gifted writer whose skillfully subtle use of language creates a beautiful reading experience...almost haunting in its intensity." - Rave Reviews (Romantic Times), June 1993

Readers said: I soooooo Identified with Meredydd, the heroine.... Excellent book and very well written. -- Natalya Boyun

Click the book cover at left to READ A SAMPLE CHAPTER!

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MAGIC TIME: GHOSTLANDS -- The third book in the critically acclaimed MAGIC TIME series is out and has already made the LA Times Bestseller list. This one is penned by Marc Scott Zicree and Robert Charles Wilson. I helped out by doing continuity and character edits and research. Those of you who have read ANGELFIRE will recognize a couple of the characters I introduced in that book. Readers will be interested to know that Marc contributed a number of wonderful scripts to such SF TV favorites as Star Trek: Next Gen, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Babylon 5, and Sliders.

Click the cover at left to go to the MAGIC TIME page!


This is the critcally accalimed second novel in the MAGIC TIME series conceived by Marc Scott Zicree. The first book in the series was written by Marc in collaboration with Barbara Hambly, the third with Robert Charles Wilson.

What BOOKLIST said: "A terrific story featuring powerful, strong characters, this is rather a must for fans of postapocalyptic fiction." -- Paula Luedtke, BOOKLIST

*** Marc and I have been fielding complaints from readers who have books One and Three in the MAGIC TIME series but can't find book Two for less than $50. If you'd like to see ANGELFIRE back in print as a paperback, whether you're a reader or a book vendor, we encourage you to contact HarperCollins through their website to let them know how you feel about the unavailablity of the book. ***

Want to see more? Go to the MAGIC TIME page, where there is more on ANGELFIRE and on the entire series, including reviews and promo information.

The Spirit Gate

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THE SPIRIT GATE -- Widowed and with a young son, Kassia Telek's white hair and inherited abilities mark her as shai -- a witch. Facing eviction from her sister's home, pressured to marry a village elder, Kassia takes refuge at Lorant, spiritual center of Polia where mages are trained. There, Kassia uncovers clues to an age-old mystery and unearths an arcane source of great power ... and danger.

Still available from Baen Books!

The Critics said: "Political fantasy-what a concept! This is a real page-turner... Fun to read, and not just for fans of the genre." KLIATT, May 1996

"Bohnhoff's attention to details of history, character and magic makes this book stand out." -DRAGON MAGAZINE

"Bohnhoff takes what might have been a fairly standard fantasy tale off in unexpected directions, in what is without doubt her most successful book to date." -SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE

"Storytelling at its best--THE SPIRIT GATE weaves together vivid characters with interesting plots and subplots, lifting the reader into the realms of fantasy and magic. Wonderful reading and a book you will find hard to put down!" - SPEAKING TREE ONLINE REVIEWS

Readers said: "Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff takes a mystical world in The Spirit Gate and makes it feel real. From the pictures her words paint in your mind to the emotions and desires of the characters that you feel deep in your heart, your mind will live in the world of Kassia and her earth magic. ...After reading this book, you too will beg Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff to write more!" -- Robbi

"A splendid tale of magic and intrigue, with an interesting, unusual protagonist. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'd say more, but the author has already said it better in her note above!" -- Sara Wrench

"Excellent plot - talented author. Maya Bohnhoff's use of vivid descriptions brings both the characters and the historical setting alive for the reader. I encourage all those who enjoy science fiction - fantasy to get to know this authors works." -- Jan Freels


Book Two in the trilogy (the Baen edition)

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TAMINY -- One hundred years after she was called to the sea to become one with her god, Taminy is called to assume her next task -- to become the very voice of her god on Earth.

The Critics said: "Bohnhoff ... leisurely weaves the characters' desires, action and doubts into a tapestry that examines prejudices against women ... and creates an entertaining story." - Starlog, Sept. 1993

"Strong feminist and education messages transcend the genre." - KLIATT, Sept. 1993

"I recommend this one to readers who enjoy Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover or David Edding's Elenium series." -- M.R. Hildebrand, ConNotations Vol. 3, # 3, Fall 1993

"If The Meri is about the liberating and empowering aspects of Divine love, Taminy is about its sometimes fearsome human consequences. They make a good pair, richer together than either would be alone. ...I will be keeping an eye out for the third." - Science Fiction Review Searchable Database

The Crystal Rose

Book Three in the trilogy (the Baen edition)

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THE CRYSTAL ROSE --The Meri, one of the two primary ruling forces in Caraid-land, changes the destiny of her people forever when she chooses to release Taminy, a former vessel of the Meri who was prosecuted as a witch.

The Critics said: "An author whose imaginative insights shine with a special beauty, Ms. Bohnhoff is becoming one of the great names in fantasy." - Rave Reviews (Romantic Times), March 1995

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HOBBITS, HALFLINGS, WARROWS, AND WEEFOLK, Warner-Questar, edited by Byron Priess.

This anthology published my short story Hobbits, which originally appeared in ANALOG.

SEX CRIME, Circlet Press, edited by Cecilia Tan

I have no idea how it happened, but Cecilia chose As the Angels in Heaven, a novelette originally published in ANALOG. The story drew one amusing comment from an Analog reader: "I'm not sure I liked it," he said, "but I was still thinking about it two weeks later. It's erotic in a wholesome sort of way."

INFINITE SPACE, INFINITE GOD, Twilight Times Bookd, edited by Karina Fabian.

The contracts on this anthology are still wet. More about this release as I find out! Join ISIG authors for an online workshop in October.

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Keep an eye out for my short fiction. "Willies" is in the July/Augst issue of ANALOG. "The Nature of Things" will run in the December 2006 issue of BAEN'S UNIVERSE, a terrific new ezine from Baen. The story has also been slated for print release in the Best of Jim Baen's Universe anthology. And "A Cruel and Unusual Punishment", which was first printed in INTERZONE, will be in an upcoming anthology from Twilight Times Books.

ANALOG cover

One of my favorite inventions was the character Rhys Llewllyn, who appeared in a series of stories in ANALOG science fiction magazine over a period of several years. Rhys stories included:

  • SQUATTER'S RIGHTS (a serialized novel-length piece)

I would love to do a collection of Rhys stories...



It is supposedly more than passing strange that I have been published in both ANALOG and INTERZONE, the eclectic British speculative fiction magazine. Still, it's Interzone that's published most of the fiction that is closest to my heart. These stories -- most of which defy categorization -- include:

  • DOCTOR DODGE #125, Nov 97
  • SILVER LINING #130, Apr 98
  • WHO HAVE NO EYES #134, Aug 98
  • BEGGARS MIGHT RIGHT #137, Nov 98
  • THE WHITE DOG #142, Apr 99

One of my favorite -- and slightly autobiographical -- is A Hole in Her Head, a tale about a migraine sufferer whose benign brain tumor takes her on a journey into the Twilight Zone. The story was published in REALMS OF FANTASY, with the wonderful interior art at left.

You can download "pretty" copies of a number of my short stories from Authorsden.