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Jaan-e-Mann is a big Diwali release from Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment production house. Apart from the big budget, what makes it big is the superhit jodi of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar romancing Preity Zinta. Music is already a hit with songs in Top 3 of all weekly countdowns. Honestly, despite these, I did not have high expectations from Jaan-e-Mann. Partly because I thought it to be one of those typical mushy triangular love stories and also because it kinda got lost in all the Don hype.

Pleasantly, I have been proved wrong! Jaan-e-Mann does not follow any of the done to death melodramatic over the top stuff you get to see in 'two boys loving the same girl' kind of movies. Jaan-e-Mann is not your usual bollywood movie, to say the least. It's a poetry in the form of a musical, which is sure to impress viewers.

jaaneman1.jpgBollywood claims to make musicals with plenty of songs-n-dance. But this is one of those few real musicals, where songs are part of the narrative. They carry the movie forward, unlike most others where they are added primarily for a quick smoke, leak, whatever break. Gulzar (lyrics) and Anu Malik (music) create emotions of love, festivity, fame, confusion, euphoria, loneliness and grief all at once with remarkable beauty. Sonu Nigam comes out as a winner with soulful rendition of some of the most beautiful numbers!

Another USP of Jaan-e-Mann is that the whole movie has been choreographed, so it seems. Farah Khan (choreographer) has given her best in hubby's directorial debut. Very imaginative, the presentation is refreshingly novel. Flashbacks amalgamate nicely with the current proceedings. Sudeep Chatterjee (Cinematography) and Sabu Cyril (Art) are remarkable. New York has never looked so beautiful in a Hindi movie.

Now, coming to the man, who heads the show - Shirish Kunder. First-time director, he knows the medium well. Editor, Screenplay, Story, Dialogue - Shirish does it all and with elan. He manages to keep audiences' attention throughout, providing abundance of light moments. Dialogues are easy to understand and used only when required, songs and other expressions have been used effectively in the movie. The writers never try to make you laugh in the movie, most of the comedy is situational and very subtle. Shirish could have done still better though. The movie slackens slightly in pre-interval portions and is a bit lengthy.

jaaneman2.jpgJaan-e-Mann is a story of three main characters - Suhan (Salman Khan), Piya (Preity Zinta) and Agatsya or Champu (Akshay Kumar). Suhan is divorced from Piya and needs to settle the alimony. However, self-proclaimed superstar Suhan is actually broke. So, he and his chachu Bonny, oops Boney (Anupam Kher), plan the biggest con in the history of romance. To save the alimony, Suhan helps Champu (literally he is a champu - total nerd) win over and get married to Piya. But the twist in the story occurs when Suhan gets to know of a certain reality that changes his life completely.

Salman Khan, in his most sensitive performance till date, steals the show. He displays vast range of comedy and emotion. You will laugh and cry with him. Just watch him doing Boobie Diapers ad campaign, or talking over the phone towards climax, or even his mischievous face towards two kids in the beginning. Awesome!

jaaneman3.jpgPreity Zinta looks beautiful after a long time. She enacts her part quite well and convincingly. Akshay Kumar (brings that lovable 'hehehe' laugh even while I am writing this) gives a knockout performance. We all know how hip and cool he can be. Well, here he shows us how dorky he can be. Khiladi turns into an Anadi and yet remains a winner. Simply terrific! Anupam Kher is first-rate. Good that he does not get overboard. Rest of the cast (Aman Verma, Javed Sheikh, Soni Razdan, Nawab) do not get much scope.

Jaan-e-Mann is quite a refreshing movie, sure to bring smile on your face as you leave the theater. You will feel good. Recommended.


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  1. 1 Prince (Guest)

    I loved this movie…He He He….Akki is awesome….and Salman gives his best performance to date…..he reminded me of the struggling actor played by Joey in Friends…..

  2. 2 zara (Guest)

    it was tooo boringgggggggggggggggggggg another oring film frm salman khan

  3. 3 howmeara (Guest)

    it was hell of a wiked movie and i lov prettt

  4. 4 jerk (Guest)

    fuckol movie…

  1. 1 IndianPad

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