Evesham Journal and Four Shires Advertiser

Rolls of Service, 1914-1915

Lists of men on active service in the Great War, who lived within the circulation area of the Evesham Journal - roughly: Southwest Worcestershire, Northeast Gloucestershire, Southwestern Warwickshire and Northwestern Oxfordshire.
The lists began in the September 19th 1914 issue of the Evesham Journal, and were printed almost every week until about July 1915.

This index is not yet complete: when a transcript is completed and checked, I do some markup on the text and add it to the pool so a home-made script can generate the sorted listings below.
I expect around 4000 names in these listings when this is finished. Currently there are 3195 names.

You can see the individual transcripts - including incomplete/unchecked ones not yet included in the sorted lists below. Use them with caution. though, the unchecked ones *will* have errors.

And here are the sorted listings - most people won't need a full listing, so I've broken them into 40-50K chunks for speed in loading
Sorted by Name:Sorted by place of origin:
Abel to Carter

Cartland to Ewins

Fairbrother to Hardwick

Harley to Juggins

Kedwards to Oxenham

Pace to Smithin

Snelgrove to Yoxall

Abberton to Binton

Bishampton to Childswickham

Chipping Campden to Evesham

Exhall to Little Wolford

Longborough to Pershore

Pillerton Hersey to Stratford on Avon

Stretton on Fosse to Wyre Piddle

Last modified 12 March 2001